Ace in the Hole

Studio design specialist WSDG has completed a facility in Guangzhou that specializes in classical recordings for students as well as commercial projects. Caroline Moss reports from Ace Studios. SET IN THE RECENTLY COMPLETED HAIZHU BAY ART Park building in Guangzhou, Ace Studios was conceived by a group of professors from the prestigious Xinghai Conservatory of [...]

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WSDG Re-Crea El Complejo De Producción Del TEC (Spanish)

En septiembre de 2017, como muchos recordarán, un sismo de magnitud 7.2 golpeó de manera devastadora a la Ciudad de México, arrasando muchos edificios, incluido el complejo de producción de audio y música del Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey. En un esfuerzo por reconstruir las instalaciones en el menor tiempo posible y normalizar [...]

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Paradise for Super Producer Robert Clivilles; WSDG and PAD Create the Ultimate Garage

View Project Page NEW YORK:  Behind the garage doors of hit producer/composer Robert Clivillés’ elegant home are not the Bentley or Maserati one might expect, but an equally impressive level of technical excellence.  Internationally acclaimed for his C+C Music Factory #1 smash “Gonna Make You Sweat,” and hits for artists ranging from Lisa Lisa and [...]

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PRO SOUND NEWS: San Francisco’s Newest Content Machine

      View Project Page Outside, it's a non-descript, two-story warehouse building located in San Francisco's up and coming "South of Market District", hiding inconspicuously beside other similar-looking structures on the block.  But inside, there's acoustic perfection, sonic flexibility and creative enablement.  Talking House Productions is San Francisco's newest landmark recording facility and content [...]

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WSDG Articulates Talking House: SFA’s Newest Studio Complex

SAN FRANCISCO: A two-story warehouse on Bryant Street in SF's burgeoning ‘South of Market' district has been repurposed as Talking House Productions, an acoustically and aesthetically unique recording studio/office complex /gallery/residence, created by a design and construction team lead by John Storyk and the Walters-Storyk Design Group, www.wsdg.com .Three years in development, the new facility [...]

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