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Adventures at the Low End

July 30, 2020 12:00 ET Adventures at the Low End Low Frequency Behavior in Critical Listening Environments – Behavior, Research Tools, and Advancements hosted by John Storyk, Founding Partner, WSDG Language: English Featuring: Dirk Noy, WSDG Partner, senior acoustician, Director WSDG-Europe Peter D’Antonio, Founder, RPG, Director [...]

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From Dreams to Reality

July 14, 2020 12:00 ET From Dreams to Reality Designing a Personal Recording Studio hosted by Sergio Molho, WSDG Partner and Director of Business Development and Joshua Morris, WSDG Partner and COO Language: English Every musician and recording engineer dreams of having their own recording studio [...]

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Trade Conference FootballBuildExpo

Wednesday - Friday, November 26 - 28, 2014 St. Petersburg, Russia Trade Conference FootballBuildExpo “Designing for High Quality Speech Intelligibility in Stadia” Presented by Dirk Noy, Partner & General Manager, WSDG Football Build Expo 2014 is a unique business platform for communication and networking between top officials of Ministries, Departments, Administrations of the regions involved [...]

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Broadcasting Design

AES 137th. Los Angeles, California Thursday, October 9 - Sunday, October 12, 2014 Title: Broadcasting Design Chair: John Storyk co-principal, WSDG Description: TO MOVE, OR NOT TO MOVE? CONTRASTING SOLUTIONS - TWO WEST COAST FM STATIONS ADDRESS SHIFTING LISTENER NEEDS To download the lecture PDF please go to www.wsdg-ftp.com username: aes2014 password: aes2014 Upgrade For KPFK FM, [...]

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Project Studio Expo

AES 137th. Los Angeles, California Date: Saturday, October 11th Title: Project Studio Expo Chair: John Storyk co-principal, WSDG Abstract: The Democratization of The Recording Machine - By John Storyk, co-principal WSDG That the Project Studio Revolution has empowered artists, engineers and producers is an uncontested fact.  But headphones and ear buds aside, the rooms these [...]

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