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WSDG specializes in incorporating cutting edge architectural design with acoustic perfection within a specific spatial setting Architectural Acoustics means melding and incorporating the acoustical properties of a space within the physical boundaries (room shape, materialization, useage…) presented in a project. In doing so each WSDG project receives it’s own unique signature. Spaces and facilities designed and engineered by WSDG are world-class and are joining a prestigious list of successful clients.

In 45 years of creating over 3500 facilities WSDG has evolved into an Recording studio 1internationally respected award winner in the field of recording studio design. WSDG creates world class professional critical listening environments which provide a platform for an array of mixing consoles, audio monitors and professional equipment – both digital and vintage analogue – to be used to optimum effect.

Successful projects start with a well-developed plan. WSDG designers help their clients in the initial evaluation and development program / requirements summary, advising them of the many variables and stages of site selection, design development, timetables, budgets and construction documentation. WSDG is available to provide project management and on site supervision. Equipment choices, which are often highly subjective, are discussed and evaluated while maintaining realistic budget and client expectations. WSDG engineers and designers are well versed in the professional audio industry innovative advances. We keep track of relevant trends in the marketplace in order to intelligently guide client decisions.
Technical interior design coordination and quiet, ergonomic technical lighting are key elements to a well designed space. These specifications should be part of any recording studio design package.

Master Plan 1Ergonomic design and concise ‘simple enough’ operation of a facility are most critical. Our team of architects and engineers will evaluate a building site, help develop the project program and educate clients about the process of designing and building a media facility. We provide cost analysis for budgeting as well as preliminary design and renderings for presentations. WSDG designers, architects and engineers can provide a proven expertise in all the l every phase of design and construction.



Room Acoustics Room Acoustics refers to the behavior of sound in rooms and to the design of rooms with respect to acoustical comfort and speech intelligibility. The desired acoustical environment will vary according to the type of activity that is to take place there. Performance, Playback, Announcement, Presentation, Voice Alarm, Media Production, Broadcasting etc. all require different, occasionally variable acoustics. . Room Acoustics is the practice of studying and designing these environments.

The placement of surface treatments and special acoustic materials significantly affects in-room hearing conditions. For example: Sonic integrity in a recording studio, reverberation characteristics in auditoriums and speech intelligibility in a conference room or stadium. WSDG provides services to determine room acoustical criteria, surface treatment recommendations, detailed measurements, simulations and analysis, as well as professional liaisons to manufacturers of acoustical products.

Recording Studio 2 Any audible noise from mechanical and electrical systems will detract from (and impede) the sound of a performance, a recording or any form of media playback or presentation. Therefore, noise from mechanical systems that travels through ductwork as well as through walls and floors must be controlled and minimized.

WSDG establishes noise criteria for each space, prepares guidelines for the mechanical engineer and offers complete HVAC design services for technical facilities to assure that the noise criteria are met.

In any acoustical environment, the impact of outside noise and vibration sources (traffic, subways, trains, aircraft) and in-house noise and vibration sources (room-to-room transmission, HVAC systems) has to be carefully studied and then minimized for production, comfort, and privacy reasons.

WSDG provides acoustical measurement, simulation, analysis and design services to determine the acoustical performance of existing or to-be-built wall, ceiling and slab constructions. Construction descriptions for wall and slab assemblies, specifications, details for special acoustical isolation joints, room-within-room construction, and on-site inspections are provided to ensure effective sound isolation.

Simulations 2

Over the past decades there have been significant advancements in the science of acoustical measurements and simulations. WSDG has been at the forefront of many of these advancements and maintains a research program, constantly improving upon the state of the art. WSDG uses complex prediction and analysis software to model and study the behavior of sound in three-dimensional space and has also pioneered the use of acoustical modeling tools and auralization for media facility design.

WSDG uses com time and frequency domain criteria of a room-loudspeaker-system, analysis of reverberation characteristics and background noise levels in a room, or quantifying the sound isolation of a boundary system are all critical to facilitate and increase the effectiveness of the design or remodeling process.

WSDG’s engineers engage sophisticated measurement equipment, the most up-to-date acoustical data-collection and analysis software, and complex visualization tools to determine and optimize existing acoustical conditions. WSDG specializes in collecting required measurement data for documentation (technical or legal / forensic purposes) and presents a useful interpretation of measurement results and their consequences.

WSDG uses the industry’s most advanced acoustic prediction, modeling and measurement software, including:

• EASERA – provides both data acquisition with a variety of stimulus signals including Time Delay Spectrometry, sweeps, MLS or noise excitation signals, and a post processing engine to calculate all acoustic functions or measures according to ISO Standard 3382 and higher.
• EASERA SysTune – acquires Impulse Response data using live program material and simultaneously displays time-domain and frequency-domain measures in real time.
• Smaart – performs dual-channel, FFT-based audio measurement integrating Page” aneously displays time-domain and frSmaart also remotely controls professional equalizers and DSP processors.
• SigmaPlot – allows comprehensive visualization of data in 2D and 3D graphs.