“The Documentary Group and I were lucky enough to inaugurate the superb new facilities at Blue Table, under the artistry of it’s brilliant editor Oliver Lief. I have never worked under more pleasant or well thought-out conditions. Our work, which was intensive and under a tough deadline, could not have been facilitated with such ease elsewhere. Highly recommended.”
Meryl Streep, Actress & Singer
Paul Epworth Grammy and Academy Awards Winning Producer

“I wanted to be the first to build a WSDG/Augspurger room in London to meet the needs of both British and international artists, producers, and engineers. Bringing WSDG in to design two of their world-renowned rooms was the first step, and the collaboration with Miloco has been an incredibly successful team effort. The Church provides nearly 8,000sqft of recording space over three very different rooms, including rare and vintage recording gear married to the most modern digital and analogue equipment to give users the freedom to indulge their creative impulses instantly.”

Paul Epworth, Owner, Producer, The Church Studios
Ann Mincieli, Grammy awarded engineer, producer and owner of Jungle City Studios in NYC.

“Everyone associated with Jungle City’s design and construction contributed an astonishing level of effort and attention to detail. My dream was to create a luxurious, technically impeccable, 21st Century haven for first tier artists, producers and engineers.  By crafting an ideal creative atmosphere and providing every conceivable tool to support their pursuit of excellence, we hope to make a real contribution to the art of music recording.  And, to help establish New York City as Music Capital of The World.”

Ann Mincieli, Owner, Engineer & Producer, Jungle City Studios
“John Storyk and I had already gone through the ‘getting to know you’ part of the architect-client relationship twenty years ago, so we didn’t have to discuss aesthetics, or my penchant for views and light, but acoustic and electronic technology had changed in that time, and John and Joshua helped bring these to bear so that the room looks simple and calm, despite my fairly complex requirements.  This calm is what I need to write, and one could hardly ask for a more beautiful environment in which to work.”
Carter Burwell, Owner, Composer, The Body & Carter Burwell Studio
Leslie Ann Jones, Grammy awarded engineer and owner of Skywalker Sound Studios.

“I don’t often do live mixing and usually it is for clients who’s records I have recorded. So it was a treat to mix at Fenix, a new supper club in San Rafael, CA., for Pamela Rose and her Wild Women of Song show. I have worked in several Walters-Storyk recording spaces but never in a club they designed. It was a pleasure mixing there. I have never heard a small room sound so good. Very intimate and hardly anything coming off the stage. I could mix at a good listening level and I know the audience felt they were in someone’s living room. Bravo!”

Leslie Ann Jones, Director of Music Recording and Scoring, Skywalker Sound
“I am very, very fond of John–to me, he’s family. I’ll never forget him because as a young man stepping into all of this, he would always pick up the phone or be willing to come down and talk to me about things—his guidance has been extremely important. Now we talk all the time.”
Lee Foster, Studio Manager, Electric Lady Studios
Herb Alpert, Innovator, Musician, Producer, Trumpet player and philanthropist. Owner of the Herb Alpert Foundation and UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music.

“I was attracted to the idea of combining forces with the university to create a jewel of a performance space with excellent sound quality for the school’s students, faculty and audiences.”

Herb Alpert, Innovator, Musician, Philanthropist, UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music - Lani Hall

“I love John Storyk and entire WSDG team – in my opinion they are studio geniuses.  John built Electric Lady Studios.  He gets it.  He and I are building another studio in L.A. right now.  It’s turning into a very interesting place.  Am very thankful to be working with John and his team.”

Jack Antonoff, Producer
“I started out as an intern at The Hit Factory, and their Studio E Live Room was one of the best sounding rooms ever. John Storyk’s design and acoustical skills contributed to the success of all those rooms. When we decided to build our own studio we were committed to going with the best. I called John to bring WSDG on board. They worked with us on every level, and we love what they’ve done for Dream Asylum. It was a great collaboration. We are extremely proud to have a studio that looks and sounds this great.”
Marcella Araica, Co-Owner, Engineer, Producer, Dream Asylum
Cynthia Daniels
“…Thank you John. Every day I am grateful for my decision to work with you and the entire WSDG team. I have grown to appreciate your expertise, generosity and just about everything else that went into the planning and construction of our studio…”
Cynthis Daniels, Owner, Engineer & Producer, MonkMusic Studio