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The Sound of Silence: The Bow Wow Wow Remix

John Storyk: DCSPCA Animal Advocate of the Year Perhaps it was serendipity that brought John Storyk, the world-renowned acoustic architect, to the animal shelter in Hyde Park. When he walked into the "Dog Village" area, he immediately noticed the reverberation, volume and distortion of sound in the hallway. If it was uncomfortable for humans, imagine [...]

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Upriver Studios’ New Soundstage Lures Major TV Production to Saugerties

by Frances Marion Platt, March 17, 2022 in Business, Stage & Screen For 28 years now, since the Paul Newman movie Nobody’s Fool was shot in Beacon and Hudson, we’ve been hearing about how the Hudson Valley was going to become the New Hollywood. The pot of gold at the end of that rainbow has [...]

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Showplace of the Eastern Shore

When the Avalon Theatre opened in 1922, vaudeville was king, silent movies cost about 15 cents, Buster Keaton was all the rage, women wanted to be flappers, men wore their hair heavy with pomade, and everyone danced the Charleston. As we celebrate the birthday of “The Showplace of the Eastern Shore,” we thought it would [...]

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