WSDG provides fully independent engineering and design services for audio and video installations in a wide variety of venues, including media production, entertainment, governmental, corporate, conferencing, collaboration, religious and cultural contexts. WSDG engineering services include requirement analysis, solution development, creation of tender/bid packages, complex systems prototyping and testing, strategic planning, technology and lifecycle management, future innovation infrastructure analysis, and implementation supervision. Networked media systems reach high complexity levels not only during the design phase (hardware and software evaluation and engineering, architectural and technical integration), the procurement phase (vendor evaluation, RFP development, proposal/bid evaluation) and the installation phase (integration, programming, control surface / user interface design) but also in the operation and maintenance phases (operational processes, maintenance procedures, technology upgrades and replacement).

Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. One of the biggest soccer stadiums in the world, home of the 2014 Olympic Games and World Cup. WSDG was called for consulting and installation of the audio/video of the whole facility.WSDG gives guidance in an increasingly crowded world of technology devices, standards and practices all claiming to be the best and the most future proof. Corporate, cultural, educational, residential and governmental sites alike are constantly striving to improve their media systems in an effort to stay on top of current presentation, communication, collaboration, conferencing and entertainment techniques. WSDG provides well integrated AV System Designs based on the highest industry standards, while working collaboratively with its clients in developing long term visions, outlooks and strategies.

Telecollaboration, teleconferencing and telecommuting significantly influence corporate culture and workflow. Substantial engineering and integration efforts are required to make these technological advances in fact be supportive to the workforce. WSDG designs individual office, boardroom, conference center, and site wide media networks, while providing AV infrastructure with solid privacy protection and high usability to satisfy even highest quality requirements in both sonic and visual aspects.

Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. One of the biggest soccer stadiums in the world, home of the 2014 Olympic Games and World Cup. WSDG was called for consulting and installation of the audio/video of the whole facility.
The most visible part of the electroacoustical system is the loudspeaker. Loudspeakers are complex electromechanical devices so varied and rapidly shifting that the market is hard to oversee even for professionals. WSDG specifications are based on 3D acoustical software simulations and virtual prototyping of the venue or room where the architectural conditions are overlaid with the technical, aesthetical and budgetary criteria of the project at hand. WSDG often creates simulated audio playback demonstrations, called auralizations, to facilitate decisions based on auditory impact. Selecting the electroacoustic system most suitable for the space, after determining room acoustics and structural boundary conditions in what-if scenarios, enables WSDG to achieve and exceed target parameters such as loudness level, frequency range, coverage, directivity control and speech intelligibility STI. Electro acoustical systems may be used in voice alarm / emergency scenarios, where properties such as redundancy, certification and reliability are highly critical. WSDG has extensive experience for such systems and is fully familiar with all current national and international regulation including e.g. FIFA, IOC and UEFA.

WSDG Services - Media Systems Engineering, Room Tuning and Speaker's Audio Optimization. KKL in Luzern, Switzerland.Audio System Calibration or Audio System Tuning is the science and art of bringing the entire sound system to operate at its peak performance. The commissioning process involves WSDG’s highly experienced experts in audio measurement and sonic accuracy and is based on a sequence of tasks to obtain the maximum audio precision of the component ensemble installed in a space. Frequency and time-domain measurements as well as extensive listening tests are employed to carefully determine the correct placement, phase-alignments, crossover points, equalization and gain control of a loudspeaker-room system. Full documentation concerning component settings is issued by WSDG for client’s reference. For professional audio systems, WSDG recommends recalibration every 12 to 24 months to increase system accuracy and to maximize ROI.

IT and communicationsNo media experience is complete without a clear, bright, high resolution visual solution. WSDG provides comprehensive video system engineering services, including design of networks, hardware, software and other related infrastructure to support video applications within production, broadcasting, educational, corporate, information and entertainment contexts. Camera and display / projection system positioning often require integration and placement studies that are based on 3D visualization and studies. Typical auxiliary WSDG engineering fields include heat management and noise mitigation.


Control SystemsWSDG is a trusted partner for Peer Review, Expert Reports, Studies and Surveys within the context of Media Systems Engineering. Peer review is the evaluation of work and studies done by other parties. This work is often required to maintain standards of quality; assess solutions and designs; provide a second opinion or variations to a concept; create alternate solutions to improve performance and efficiency; provide credibility; and to verify costing and time table analysis. WSDG’s studies and surveys are often based on in-situ or laboratory measurements and assessments utilizing a wide range of international benchmarks and standards.

 Audible is the world’s largest producer/distributor of downloadable audiobooks and other spoken-word entertainment. WSDG was commissioned to design their new state-of-the-art recording studio complex. Control Room A WSDG brings nearly 50 years of experience in providing design and consulting services that support Broadcast and Recording Studio projects during all phases (master planning, schematic design, design development, construction documentation, bidding – pricing, construction administration and final commissioning / close out). WSDG provides timely, detailed and cost-effective advice on highly sensitive and complex architectural construction and renovation projects, from small but critical retrofits to challenging ground-up construction. WSDG has extensive experience with sensitive architectural issues including historical renovations, additions and new construction projects in media production, corporate, government, education, broadcasting and cultural / entertainment sectors.

Tecnology lighting Theatrical Systems Engineering refers to conceptualizing, designing and implementing technical equipment and devices for the performance community, while integrating these designs into the architectural and acoustic fabric of projects. WSDG provides these services including networking infrastructure, theatrical audio-video systems, immersive 3D audio replay, theatrical lighting, wired and wireless communication devices and stage machinery with the goal to give venue owners, producers, and artists the means to express their talents to the full extent of their creative imagination.