A little help from Brad Pitt

See the 1977 French music studio revamped by the Hollywood icon They are little corners of French paradise that draw British and American rockstars to record their masterpieces -- with a little help from Brad Pitt. France has long had its share of famous music studios that have attracted not just local talent, but foreign [...]

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FOH Magazine: Venue Focus – MGM Music Hall at Fenway

MGM Music Hall at Fenway Boston’s Newest Live Music Venue Sets New Standard for Touring Acts by Thomas S. Friedman For many years, superstars ranging from Aerosmith to Pearl Jam, Springsteen, Ray Charles, The Rolling Stones and Stevie Wonder have rocked Boston’s beloved Fenway Park to its rafters with unforgettable centerfield performances. But they [...]

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WSDG Establishes Scholarship with SUNY Ulster

Furthering an ongoing commitment to both education and community service, WSDG has announced a partnership with the Ulster Community College Foundation and Normann Staffing to provide a new scholarship as part of the President’s Challenge Scholarship at SUNY Ulster. The purpose of the President’s Challenge Scholarship is to provide financial aid to first-generation college-bound [...]

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RadioWorld’s Spectacular Radio Studios 2023

Two of WSDG's outstanding broadcast studios have been selected for Radio World's "Spectacular Radio Studios 2023" eBOOK: WKNY Radio Kingston and Spotify At Mateo in Downtown LA. This curated PDF will bring you right to the WKNY and Spotify features. To view the entire eBOOK issue, click here. View the Spotify at Mateo Project Page View the [...]

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