WSDG’s objective is to engineer architectural and technical solutions that ensure excellent acoustical and media technology performance. We solve problems by designing innovative solutions and ergonomic aesthetics, which combine the latest audio and video technology within a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, architecturally fluid and creatively stimulating environment.

In any given project, WSDG’s responsibility is to provide the audio-visual planning and architectural acoustic design and to integrate the results of that process into a common aesthetic goal. Combining acoustics and technology with architectural design is a “whole-building” discipline that revolves around three basic challenges:

  1. Providing Speech Intelligibility
  2. Enhancing Sound Quality
  3. Eliminating Internal and External Noise and Vibration

A significant component to our success is educating our clients about state-of-the-art technologies and developing with them an ergonomic working environment specific to their needs.

WSDG takes great pride in the over 3500 facilities we have designed worldwide. As we continue to apply our skills to new projects we hope to apply lessons learned with each assignment to the needs and desires of the projects that follow.