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WSDG @ AES 2021 – Harlem School of The Arts New Performance Venue

WSDG @ AES 2021 – Radio Facility Design – Radio Kingston’s Five-Year Design Completed!

WSDG @ AES 2021 – The “E-Studio” and an Innovative Predictive Analysis Software – NIRO

John Storyk feat. at One and Dunn Podcast!

Dirk Noy and Gabe Hauser Host Noise Off!

Sergio Molho Hosts Technology and System Integration for Architecture – AIA Miami

John Storyk and Sergio Molho Host E-Studio Evolution

Gabe Hauser & Professor Wofgang Ahnert Host Size And Sound

Dirk Noy Hosts Speech Intelligibility – Part 2

Dirk Noy Hosts Speech Intelligibility – Part 2

WSDG & AES – The Evolution of the Project/Home Studio – Today’s “E-Studio”

WSDG & AES – Building World Class Production Facilities in Emerging Global Communities

WSDG & AES – Developing Versatile Performance Spaces for Podcast Production Studios

Sergio Molho Hosts AIA’s Technology and Systems Integration in Architecture

Storyk, Noy, Cipriano and D’Antonio Host Adventures at The Low End

Sergio Molho & Joshua Morris Host From Dreams To Reality