WSDG is a global firm specializing in Architectural Acoustic Consulting and Media Systems Engineering.

WSDG provides a wide portfolio of design and consulting services that support architectural projects during all phases from site selection to final commissioning testing .Our international team of consultants, designers and engineers has provided timely, detailed and cost-effective guidance on highly complex architectural construction and renovation projects, from small critical retrofits to challenging ground up developments. WSDG has extensive experience with sensitive architectural issues including historical renovations, additions and new construction.

We have collaborated with a wide range of international architectural and engineering teams on assignments which include facilities for music and media production, entertainment, broadcasting, performing arts complexes, corporate multimedia boardrooms and conference centers, government facilities, residential entertainment spaces, houses of worship, industrial acoustical applications, product development, transportation hubs, sports venues, and university campuses. WSDG is recognized for its expertise in computer-modeled reverberation studies, speech intelligibility analysis, environmental assessments, mechanical / electrical noise control, and technical interior analysis and design.


Architectural Acoustic Consulting

WSDG plans and consults in the fields of Room Acoustics, Electro Acoustics and Structural Acoustics within the built environment, applied to both existing structures and ground-up construction. These applications include acoustical measurements, CAD and BIM design documentation, specifications, acoustical simulations (virtual prototyping), speech intelligibility analysis, environmental assessments, mechanical / electrical noise control, programming and budgeting, construction administration, optimization, systems calibration and acceptance testing.  For media production and entertainment facilities, WSDG specializes in incorporating both cutting edge architectural design and acoustic excellence within the specific built environment.

WSDG employs sophisticated measurement equipment,WSDG Services Acoustic Testing, measurements and assessment. the most up-to-date acoustical data-collection and analysis software and complex visualization tools to determine and optimize existing acoustical conditions in time and frequency domains, including RT60 Reverberation Times, Transmission Loss, STI Speech Intelligibility Assessments, SPL Sound Pressure Level distribution, Background Noise Levels and many other parameters. Our engineering team specializes in acquiring critical measurement data in-situ or laboratory-based for documentation. This work applies to both technical design and legal / forensic purposes and presents useful interpretations of measurement results and their consequences. All work complies to the latest international standards, industry benchmarks and professional compliance values.

 WSDG services, acoustic simulation, modeling and auralizationWSDG uses complex prediction and analysis software to model and study the behavior of sound in a three-dimensional virtual prototyping environment by means of an iterative process and has also pioneered the use of acoustical modeling tools and auralization by using the industry’s most advanced acoustic prediction and modeling software. These software tools facilitate “auralization” – a complex calculated algorithm that allows for input of an original, non-processed audio file (such as a speech announcement or an acoustical instrument recording) and then renders an audible reproduction of the future acoustical situation in the virtual building environment. This allows all stakeholders to listen to music, speech or any audio content in the virtual design reality, thus providing an invaluable tool during design and planning.