Project Description


One of Hawaii’s only schools providing students with both pro audio and pro video production training, the Washington Middle School reached out to WSDG to create a state-of-the-art dual-purpose teaching studio.  Aware of the increasing need for skilled professionals in the field, WMS principal Michael Harano felt an early start in pro training would be a boon to students.  WSDG Partner/Project Manager Romina Larregina explains that, “The 1600 SQ. FT. former computer classroom sited for the new audio/video recording/mixing/editing studio was an excellent choice.  We developed a spacious live room and large C.R., and floated the entire complex to assure total isolation.  We also designed a custom HVAC system to replace the original ‘glassless’ windows common to Hawaii’s perennially balmy weather.  And, we incorporated natural woods and other local Hawaiian materials wherever possible,” Larregina adds.


Sr. Systems Designer, Federico Hugo Petrone describes the WMS goal as, “Committed to creating a first class teaching environment.  We maximized the space by sharing the multi-purpose, Control Room and Live Audio/Video Studio.  Dedicated consoles were selected for each discipline, Petrone says.  “To facilitate video productions, the NewTek Tricaster-equipped broadcast station was positioned opposite the CR window to provide the wall real-estate required for multiple viewer screens.  The audio recording/mixing engineers are equipped with an SSL 948 console and Augspurger Speakers (shared by the video team).  The complex also includes a substantial Equipment Closet, a full complement of outboard gear, and a Sound Lock with wheelchair access.  Located on the second floor of a two-story building, the complex was completely floated with room-within-room isolation,” he adds.


“We were fortunate to have sufficient real estate to accommodate all the clients needs,” reports Romina Larregina. “This enabled us to create two Iso booths including one constructed around a nine-foot grand piano. Both are fitted with sliding doors, which enable them to both enlarge and function as integral elements of the Live Room.”  Inspired by the lush Hawaiian surroundings, Partner/Art Director Silvia Molho integrated elements of the trunks and leaves of the local Koa trees within the custom designed rear wall Wave Diffuser and other aesthetic/acoustic elements of the Live Room and C.R. interiors.


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