55TEC Studio


Overview In announcing the completion of 55TEC Recording Studios owner Li You, a Golden Melody Award-winning recording engineer said, “With China now acknowledged as the world’s second largest economy, we have seen a tremendous increase in the market for popular music. Over the past ten years a number of major artists have developed huge loyal [...]

Blue Table Post


Overview Blue Table Post, is an ultra-modern video/audio post-production complex with an artisan-based creative philosophy and a future-proofed technology core. Designed to support the creative talents of triple Emmy-winning editor Oliver Lief, Emmy-winning recording mixer/sound designer Rich Cutler, and senior colorist/vfx artist Begonia Colomar, the complex is situated in a handsomely renovated five storey building, [...]

Undisclosed Location Studios



Overview When designing their 5,000 sq. ft. DC-area home, Matt MacPhail and his wife, Ann Lyles MacPhail agreed on one somewhat unorthodox ‘must have;’ a full up, professionally designed, acoustically superlative recording studio for their thriving audio production business, News At Eleven Productions. Having done their work over the past fifteen years in a variety [...]

Estudio 13


Overview For over seventeen years, Estudio 13 recorded diverse projects in their original Mexico City facility and, on location in major concert halls. This on-going success led to the need for a larger, more acoustically advanced recording space. Company Head Producer/Musical Director, José Francisco Aguilera, and Studio Operations/Project Manager, Eduardo Acosta agreed that expansion was [...]

Bamyasi Studio


Overview With over ten-years experience in creating fresh, relevant, story-focused sound for TV commercials, networks, record labels, brands, films and video games, director/producer Christian Cooley was ready to expand to a full service audio production facility to meet his growing client needs. With credits ranging from Coors, Head & Shoulders, Gamesa and Cadillac, he knew [...]

Tehran Music Sound Stage



Overview The Tehran Music Sound Stage is a 5000 sq. ft. (465 sq. m.) multi-purpose music production/ recording/rehearsal/practice and performance complex. Set two floors below ground to improve isolation from street noise, the complex features a custom built, 481sq. ft. (44,686 m²) floating control room, a spacious 112 sq. ft. (10 sq. m.) sound lock, [...]

VSL Synchron Stage



Overview  A leading developer of orchestral sample libraries and music production software, the VSL Synchron Stage enlisted WSDG, to upgrade its historical (circa 1940) scoring stage into a cutting-edge recording facility. The reconfigured complex now provides enhanced acoustics and cutting edge technology for recording film music and, the full spectrum of orchestral and choral works. [...]

Boston Symphony Orchestra Control Room



32nd TEC AWARD WINNER! Overview A cultural icon for 134 years, the Boston Symphony Orchestra is world-renowned for the excellence and diversity of its performances. Broadcast from Symphony Hall, via radio, TV and the Internet, these symphonic and ‘Boston Pops’ concerts encompass the entire spectrum of classical and contemporary music, from Rachmaninoff to Manilow. After over [...]

Clap Studios


Overview Medellin, the second largest city in Colombia, is committed to establishing itself as a leader in that country’s film, TV and audio production/post production industry. In 2011 three of the countries most successful experts in the field joined together to create Clap Studios, a state-of-the-art Dolby® dubbing theater. To insure the highest level aesthetic [...]

WildSound Studios


Overview Introduced in 2003 by Mike Idioma, one of the Philippines’ most accomplished sound engineers, WildSound quickly built a reputation for feature film and commercial location recording and eventually for providing top-drawer sound recording equipment rentals. By 2007 the firm was considered one of the most innovative audio production firms in the country, and was [...]

Ellis Marsalis Center for Music (EMCM)

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Overview Seven years after Hurricane Katrina wrecked havoc with ‘The Big Easy,’ 70,000+ volunteers led by artist/activists, Branford Marsalis and Harry Connick Jr. had accomplished a miracle. They raised the funds and contributed the sweat equity to build 72 single-family homes, 10 elder-friendly apartments, and the 17,000 sq. ft. Ellis Marsalis Center for Music/Musician’s Village [...]

Katara Studios



Overview Doha, the capitol and principal city of Qatar, has welcomed the completion of Katara Studios, one of the Middle East’s largest and most technically advanced recording/audio production complexes. Created by WSDG, the 65, 000 ft2/6040 m2 compound, represents a major facet the Katara Committee’s mandate to establish Doha as one of the most vibrant media [...]

ESPM Broadcast Teaching Center



Overview ESPM, one of Brazil’s premiere institutes of higher learning has inaugurated a cutting edge Broadcast Teaching Center for its São Paulo Journalism Campus. Positioned as an elliptical, six-station teaching island, the 45m2 / 480ft2 classroom/production center provides students with full visual access to all production/broadcast activity. The classroom enables students to immerse themselves in [...]

Huber Music Room



Overview An inspirational view of the Pacific coastline melds with flawless acoustics to establish the ultimate creative environment for musician/businessman, Chris Huber’s personal studio. Music has always been an integral part of Huber’s lifestyle, and when he bought a family home in Carlsbad, CA, he knew exactly where the studio would live. A primary aesthetic [...]

Lakehouse Recording Studios


Overview  Committed to building a cohesive infrastructure for his hometown music scene, producer/ songwriter Jon Leidersdorff discovered an abandoned warehouse in downtown Asbury Park, and envisioned it as a multi-purpose center for a collective of music business locals. Investing his own savings and securing a Small Business Association loan from the local Community Bank, Leidersdorff [...]

Graeme Judd Voiceover Studio



Overview  A prolific voiceover artist with credits ranging from CBS to E!, Lifetime, CTV and MTV, Graeme Judd needed a first tier personal recording studio. A decision to build a family home in Calgary provided an ideal opportunity to realize that goal. Spending countless hours in front of a microphone recording network promos, TV and [...]

Lower Eastside Girls Club – WGRL Airstream Studio

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Overview  The Lower Eastside Girls Club’s WGRL Airstream Internet Radio and Sound Design Lab joins an eclectic assemblage of innovative LESGC educational and career training options for low-income teens and families. Spread across three floors and 30,000 sq. ft., these classes range from a digital photography/computer graphics /3D-printing lab, to hands-on BioBase labs, small business [...]

Sky Harbor Studios – Adam Young


Overview  Starting from scratch in 2007 in his parents basement, unknown singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist, Adam Young quickly evolved from iTunes sales to a major deal with Republic Records and on to Fireflies, a six-time platinum single, from his Ocean Eyes debut album (certified platinum in 2010). Increasing critical and commercial success inspired Young to support his creativity [...]

Dream Asylum



  31st TEC AWARD NOMINEE   Overview One of the contemporary music scene’s most prolific hit producers, Nate ‘Danja’ Hills and partner Marcella Araica have added a cutting edge, Walters-Storyk Design Group recording studio to their N.A.R.S. (New Age Rock Stars) label. Recognized for their work with artists ranging from Britney Spears and Madonna to Justin Timberlake Mary [...]

Artist For Peace And Justice



Overview The massive destruction that wracked Haiti by 2008’s Hurricane Hanna (and devastating 2010 earthquake) inspired a deluge of volunteerism, and support from around the world. One of the ongoing positives to spring from those disasters is Artists for Peace and Justice (APJ). This nonprofit organization has committed its energies and resources to the development [...]

Jazz at Lincoln Center

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Overview In October, 2004 when the Jazz at Lincoln Center complex opened in NYC, Artistic Director,” Wynton Marsalis, remarked, “Most concert halls were designed for symphonic music, not jazz. Most of the time, we play in halls that have too much echo for our music. The tail of the echo is so long that it [...]

Sound Development


Overview Sound Development is a not-for-profit organization focussing on selective development of talented artists, not necessarily familiar with and not necessarily comfortable in the worn-out paths of the commercial music business. The studio's purpose is to provide the necessary production tools in an aesthetic, inspiring and intimate environment. Program The facility consists of three distinctive [...]

Spice House Sound


Overview Spice House Sound, an unusual new recording studio, has set up shop in a gut-renovated former Philadelphia stable, circa 1885. One goal of 25-year-old studio owner/‘gear whisperer’ Alex Santilli is the introduction of groundbreaking acoustics, and a wealth of technology innovations. After years of personal R&D, Santilli has designed a custom  loudspeaker and reproduction [...]

Sunshine Mastering


Overview Sunshine Music has provided the Austrian music community with impeccable creative mastering and recording services since 1995.  Outgrowing their original single-room in 2001, studio principals Mischa Janisch and Georg Tomandl upgraded to a two-room SSL 6056-equipped recording and mixing facility. The studio continued to attract quality-conscience local artists and producers primarily for mixdowns. The [...]

Synchrosound Studios



Overview Situated at the southern tip of Southeast Asia, Malaysia elicits exotic images of verdant rain forests and vast mountain ranges. In sharp contrast to this primordial impression, Kuala Lumpur, its coastal capital is rapidly achieving an international reputation as the technologically dominant metropolis of this rapidly evolving region. Targeted at the Far East’s burgeoning [...]

Second Act Studios – Scott Freiman



Overview Scott Freiman's Second Act Studios takes up most of the third floor of a historic Westchester County home in Irvington, New York. The facility consists of a control / composing room, a recording room, and a listening room that doubles as a small screening room. The control / recording room were carefully designed to [...]

Tangerine Mastering Studios


Overview Tangerine Mastering is a a mastering facility located just minutes from downtown New York City. Its founders, Roger Johansen and Gene Holder, are the previous owners of Jolly Roger Recording of nearby Hoboken. The facility, located within an artist-run production arts building that houses sound stages, recording studios, post production suites, independent record companies [...]

Vault Mastering Studio


Overview A successful decade behind the console of his Manhattan-based Vault Mastering Studio, convinced engineer, Nathan James that he could move his growing family back to their hometown of Phoenix and maintain a thriving business. I always dreamed of having a WSDG room,” James says.  Our return to Phoenix was the perfect opportunity to make [...]

Trutone Broadcasting – Mastering Labs


Overview Trutone Mastering was started out of a New Jersey basement in the early 1970's as a part-time business by co-founders Adriana and Carl Rowatti.  Back then, the husband and wife team provided services such as vinyl cutting of masters, limited pressing services and some on-location recording.  Eventually, the company's business evolved in the late [...]

Thirteen / WNET


Overview WNET Channel 13 is responsible for 35% of PBS's domestic broadcast content, including "Great Performances" and many other successful programming events such as its fundraising telethons. In 2000, the New York City-based public broadcaster contacted WSDG to redesign its recording, mixing and editing suites to help carry them into the next century. The suites [...]

Allaire Studios



Overview Set in one of the most breathtakingly picturesque locations in upstate New York, Allaire studios is located in a 1928 estate on 20 acres of mountaintop overlooking Woodstock, the Catskills, and the Ashokan Reservoir. Built within the 2000 square foot "Great Room"–with a vaulted 45 foot high ceiling–the live room has already hosted such [...]

Full Sail Center for the Recording Arts


Overview Full Sail is the nation's leading technical professional audio and video teaching center. It has won three of the prestigious TEC awards. WSDG has been responsible for the design of all of its 53,000 sq. ft. [5000 sq meter] facility - including professional audio suites, video production studios, disc based audio and video editing [...]

Joonie Land – Cliff Brodsky



Overview Meriden, New Hampshire is home to Joonie Land -- a new WSDG-designed facility set amongst 325 acres of sprawling, wild lansdcape. Owner Cliff Brodsky, principal of Brodsky Entertainment, found the idyllic setting amongst the White Mountains to be a beautiful and inspiring work environment. The facility, which is housed in an 11,000 square foot [...]

Quintessential Sound



Overview Quintessential Sound Studios was conceived to provide an array of services ranging from recording and editing classical music to direct CD digital mastering and forensic audio restoration. This elegant studio offers a compact yet highly functional environment featuring two central mastering suites, reception area, office and lounge area dominated by a surprising panoramic picture [...]



Overview Mach2 is a 3200 sq. ft. audio production facility located in Milan that specializes in sound design, film, mixing, and audio post-production. The studio complex, once an old Milanese factory building, was completely re-designed by WSDG to optimize creative thinking and client comfort while utilizing state-of-the-art acoustics. Mach2 is a 5.1 audio surround facility, [...]

PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc.


Overview Ongoing growth and a commitment to providing their expanding market with innovative new products prompted PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc. to commission an $8+ million, 44,000-square foot complex as their new home.   Following almost two years of design and construction, the leading manufacturer of professional digital and analog audio hardware and integrated software opened its [...]



Overview PhilippeMoritz in Zurich, Switzerland is a full service audio post production facility owned and headed by Philippe Schmid and Moritz Schneider and is situated within the full service digital post-production facility of Das Werk Zurich. The facility is used for film and advertisement clients; clients/projects include BMW, Siemens and Microsoft. Program The PhilippeMoritz facility [...]

The Church Studios / Paul Epworth



  31st TEC AWARD WINNER! Overview Originally built in 1855, the Crouch End Church was bought by Eurythmics’ producer/artist Dave Stewart in 1984, and reborn as The Church Studios where he worked with artists ranging from Dylan and Depeche Mode to Annie Lennox. Recording star David Gray purchased the studio in 2004 and further expanded its [...]

Mi Casa Studio – Bob Margouleff



Overview When Grammy Award-winning producer Robert Margouelff and his partner Brant Biles acquired the former home of actor Bela (Dracula) Lugosi as the site of their new Mi Casa Studios, a feature film DVD mastering facility, their primary priorities were pristine sound environments in each of the three studios and that the facility remain totally [...]



Ongaku - Website Overview In Japanese, Ongaku means “Music.”  In March of 2012, Jorge Morales, a producer/ sound engineer with extensive credentials in music, commercial and film scoring, joined forces with musician/recording artist Juan Sayago to build a cutting-edge recording studio.  A 1400 sq. ft. space in B.A.’s trendy Palermo section, an area bustling with [...]

Northwest College


Overview An enthusiastic AES member, Robert Rumbolz has always made a point of attending Broadcast Facility Design Panels chaired by John Storyk at recent Conventions.  In 2009 as he was reviewing plans for a teaching/recording studio for the Music Department of Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming, where he serves as Music Department Coordinator and Director [...]

Northern Lights


Overview Northern Lights is a boutique editorial/graphics/production team based Manhattan. The company has attracted a growing client base of commercial, promo, show open and feature film post work. With a staff of 25 editors and artists, the multi-service post boutique designs, creates, edits, mixes and finishes a wide range of projects including commercial campaigns, promos [...]



Overview Multi-Grammy winning engineer Cynthia Daniels has added MonkMusic, a sophisticated recording studio, to her East Hampton home. Catering to a first-tier client base, which includes ‘local’ residents Paul McCartney and Alec Baldwin required superb acoustics and elegant aesthetics. To meet these goals, Daniels reached out to Walters-Storyk Design Group . “I was on a [...]

MJI Broadcasting – Clear Channel


Overview MJI is the nation's second-largest radio syndicator supplying over 13 innovative radio programs, including The Grammy Awards, to over 2000 stations - 20 million listeners. The 15,000 sq. ft. [1400 sq. meter] expansive high-tech audio production facility, located on Manhattan's trendy Sixth Avenue, is home to radio production suites as well as all other [...]

Mitch Leigh’s Music Makers


Overview Mitch Leigh is one of the pioneers of advertising music as well as the author of one of Broadway's most famous musicals, Man of La Mancha. Located on 57th street with views to Manhattan's Central Park, this is Mitch's personal Project Studio consisting of two production control rooms sharing one common live studio. All recording [...]

MBK Entertainment / OZ Studios


Overview Nearly twenty years after the debut of their multi-faceted production/management company, MBK Entertainment’s mission encompasses musical genres ranging from R&B to Rap and Pop, and includes marketing, publishing, TV, film and concert promotion divisions. A recent move to expansive new mid-town Manhattan offices provided the MBK team with the space to create a much-needed [...]

Casablanca Multimedia Studios – Matt Buguy


Overview Singer, songwriter, musician, and photographer Matt Buguy has been playing and recording music since the early 70's with influences of that generation, including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Elton John, The Police and many others. He has also been an avid photographer and videographer since the mid 80’s focusing on [...]

Manhattan School of Music


Overview Manhattan School of Music, one of the world's leading music conservatories, has its own recording facility and small stage ensemble recording room. The performance room doubles as an acoustic recital hall and student recording suite. The Control Room is connected to all of the school's major performance halls, as well. WSDG was responsible for [...]

Madero Walk Eventos


Overview Immediately establishing itself as a Buenos Aires architectural icon, Madero Walk Eventos is a 96,875 sq. ft. multi-purpose event destination berthed at #1 Puerto Madero Dock on B.A.’s trendy waterfront.  Opened in May 2013, this luxurious venue is designed to host private parties, weddings and a variety of corporate and social events.  Featuring over [...]

LUNY Tunes


General Sergio Molho, director de Walters-Storyk Design Group para Latinoamérica, coordinó el diseño de Luny Tunes, un complejo de grabación y mastering de nueve estudios ha construirse en San Juan, en el popular distrito puertoriqueño de Carolina. El edificio de 12,000 pies cuadrados fue comisionadopor Francisco “Luny Tunes” Saldana, ganador del Grammy y Billboard Latin [...]

Lower East Side Studios


Overview Located in the Union Square District of Manhattan, New York, Lower East Side Studios (LES) is a full service audio post-production facility, specializing in audio for video format. The 6,000 square-foot facility primarily services clients in the broadcast and advertising communities. Program Facility program includes two identical large audio control rooms, each with its [...]

JSM Music


Overview New York City's leading producer of commercial music for the advertising community. JSM is responsible for over 20% of the nations advertising music. WSDG was responsible for the design of their entire 13,000 sq.ft. [1,200 sq. meter] corporate and studio facility. This project included intensive space planning, internal acoustic room design and complex sound [...]

Jorge Rojas – El Algarrobo Studio


Overview Jorge Rojas is an Argentinian musician and composer of traditional folk music. Currently a very successful solo artist, he began his career in music with Los Nocheros, in 1993. Having toured for 12 years in Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, and Paraguay; Los Nocheros sold over two million copies. Rojas decided to leave the group [...]

J.A. Castle Recording Studio


Overview Located in New York's scenic Mohawk Valley, the J.A. Castle Recording Studio  opened in September 2003 following a 2 year restoration. Originally a church of the Nazarene, built in 1926, the building has been converted to an acoustically accurate all digital audio and video recording and post production facility. J.A. Castle boasts a unique [...]

Interlochen Public Radio


Overview Interlochen's unique cutting-edge 9,800 sq. ft. [900 sq. meter] facility, developed by WSDG, consists of five studios and five control rooms (all acoustically-protected), a record library, eight offices, engineering shop and a cassette production area. Interlochen is an affiliate of National Public Radio and Public Radio International. In addition it is associated with the [...]

Integrated Studios


Overview Integrated Studios, located in the heart of the TriBeCa film district in Manhattan, provides an unrivaled facility for audio and video production services. Artist owned and managed, the studio was designed by WSDG.  The results of this conversion feature acoustically pristine live studios and a perfectly tuned control room. Program The control room, which [...]

Howard Schwartz Recording



Overview During the past 16 years Howard Schwartz Recording has developed eight different audio production and post-production centers by expanding at the same address - 19 floors on top of Manhattan's Grand Central Station. Presently it occupies over 20,000 square feet [1850 sq. meter] and has one of the industry's leading production centers specializing in audio [...]

Green Day – Jingletown Recording


Overview After working as clients at Jingletown Recording for some time, Green Day decided they needed a room to call their own, they purchased the studio complex and renamed it JingleTown Recording. Studio B was never completely finished and the group felt they could be comfortable there. Engineer Chris Dugan was familiar with John Storyk's [...]

Goo Goo Dolls – GCR Audio


Overview Twenty-five years ago John Storyk designed TrackMasters, in Buffalo’s historic Allentown District. The studio built a solid reputation as one of upstate NY’s best-sounding and most artist-friendly audio recording facilities. In 1986 three studio engineers, John Rzeznik, George Tutuska and Robby Takac formed a band they christened Goo Goo Dolls, and went on to [...]

Five Towns College


Overview With the completion of its sprawling new 15,000 square foot (1,400 square meter) audio/video production wing designed by WSDG, Five Towns College, the largest professional audio/video training facility on the East Coast, has expanded its curriculum to the video domain. This cutting-edge technological complex encompasses three audio studios (two with MIDI capabilities), an audio [...]

Firehouse 12



Overview Firehouse 12 is a recording studio, music performance space, and café located on Crown Street in New Haven, CT, representing a unique combination of live performance space and professional recording studio. "With 18 foot high ceilings and solid construction dating back to 1904, the building has earned its place on the National Register of Historic [...]

Ex’pression College for Digital Arts


Overview Situated within the music and movie industries, Silicon Valley and ".com" communities, is the home of a new educational facility, Ex’pression College for Digital Arts. The 65,000 square foot facility can be found across the bay from San Francisco, in Emeryville, California. Ex'pression is a new media arts college, where the unique teaching philosophy of [...]

Escuela Tecnica ORT


Overview ORT Technical schools in Buenos Aires is a high school, a post-secondary Institute of Technology, and a School of Integration of Technology, Management and Business. ORT Argentina employs almost 900 teachers, and its student body exceeds 6000 members. An essential component of the school is its audio program, for which WSDG designed a studio [...]



Overview Since 1999, Equiscosa has been the leading audio production and post-production company in the advertisement business in México City. This multi-award facility features five audio-post suites—housing Pro Tools HD systems and Genelec Speakers in all rooms—and a music production room. WSDG provided full systems integration, architectural and acoustic design for this facility. Equiscosa was [...]

Electronic Arts



Overview Electronic Arts needs no introduction to electronic gaming aficionados all over the world. Its satellite facility, near Vancouver, Canada, is the is the engine behind the startling imagery and soundscapes found in its products, and at the heart of that facility is an audio/video complex that spans 25,000 square feet within Electronic Arts' massive 210,000 [...]

Electric Lady Studios



Background At age 45 and counting, Electric Lady is one of the world’s first artist owned recording studios and one of the oldest, most famous and most successful studios ever. WSDG co-founder John Storyk was a 22-year-old fledgling architect fresh out of Princeton University when he was hired to design a studio for Jimi Hendrix. One [...]

Electric Fields Studio


Overview Mark Egan's Electric Fields Studio is a state of the art full service recording facility located 57 miles Northwest of New York City, in the beautiful country setting of Orange County, New York. Designed by acoustician & architect John Storyk and built by master carpenter Ikuo Matsui, Electric Fields has a warm and creative environment. [...]

Groove Studios – Durval Lelis


Overview Durval Lelis is the vocalist and guitarist of Asa de Aguia, one of the most famous bands of Axé Music in Brazil. More than a professional accomplishment, the Groove Studio fulfilled a dream of the musician. The studio’s main objective is to gather in the same environment, with great technology and comfort for their [...]

Different Fur Music


Overview They say location is everything. For San Francisco-based Different Fur Studios, which has remained stationed in the city’s Mission District for over four decades, it certainly hasn’t hurt. The Mission District is now considered by many to be the epicenter of creativity in San Francisco, and Different Fur Studios has literally watched the surrounding [...]

Balance Studios – Dave Fortman


Overview Multi-Platinum producer, engineer, and mixer Dave Fortman and partner/artist development executive Gene Joanen have opened the new Balance Recording Studio in the bucolic Big Easy suburb of Mandeville. A 30-minute drive from their original (and still operating) studio, the new complex was created by Walters-Storyk Design Group, architect and acoustician John Storyk. A former guitarist [...]

Cuyahoga Community College



Overview Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) opened in 1963 as Ohio's first community college, and remains that state's oldest and largest public community college. The college provides education programs to more than 800,000 members of the Cleveland community. Tri-C's Recording Arts and Technology program trains students for positions in the highly competitive audio industry. The program [...]

CUEC – UNAM (Centro Universitario de Estudios Cinematográficos)

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Overview Founded in 1963, and influenced by both Nouvelle Vague and Mexico’s First Contest of Experimental Film, CUEC (Centro Universitario de Estudios Cinematográficos) is the Film School of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). It is one of the largest universities and film schools in Latin America, and also one of the oldest, most [...]

Chicago Symphony Orchestra Control Room



Overview For over 130 years, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra has reigned as one of the world’s greatest classical music ensembles.  In a move to upgrade their recording, broadcast and streaming capabilities, CSO commissioned leading recording engineer/producers Tim Martyn and Shawn Murphy to form a design team to revamp the control room which has long served [...]

Carter Burwell


Overview Carter Burwell, Hollywood film composer, universally acknowledged for creating some of the most organic and original scores in the film industry, including music for Joel and Ethan Coen's Blood Simple, Raising Arizona, Barton Fink, Fargo, The Big Lebowski; David Mamet's The Spanish Prisoner; and Spike Jonze's Being John Malkovich, required a new home and composing studio [...]

Berklee College of Music – 160 Mass Ave

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TEC AWARD WINNER 2015 ! Overview Berklee College of Music opened the doors to its 160 Massachusetts Avenue, residence tower in January 2014.  The building now features one of the largest, most progressive, and versatile professional audio teaching/production/performance complexes in the U.S.  Over three years and $100 million have been invested in the development and [...]

Beat No.1 Studios


Overview Beat No. 1 is a professional recording studio located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Owner Daniel Colombres is a top drummer in the Argentine music world. Program The design consists of a professional recording studio with two separate recording rooms that are used as rehearsal spaces for Daniel Colombres. The project was designed on the [...]

Artco Recording Studios


Overview ARTCO Recording Studios, located in the heart of Polanco Area, In Mexico city, was conceived to provide full production, recording and post production services for the music industry of Mexico. It’s new state of the art building combines 3 recording studios and live rooms, video post suites and graphic design. A total of 2000 [...]

Anel Paz – Supercharango


Overview Supercharango is a recording and production studio located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Its main activities are album recording for renowned artists and musical production for marketing. Program The main goal was to create a control room, a comfortable musical production room, and two recording rooms that could be used together or separate. Supercharango is [...]

American University


Overview American University’s rapidly expanding Audio Technology Program committed close to $2 million to a capital improvement program for the design and construction of a new recording/teaching facility.    Completed in January, 2011, the 1910 sq. ft. complex features a 700 sq. ft. central live room which is linked to three separate control rooms.    A combination [...]



Overview Tecson is a Buenos Aires-based education facility dedicated to the development of audio professionals. Since 1989, Tecson has offered complete support of Pro Tools HD, Mastering, Audio post-production for TV, video and cinema, Live Recording and Solid State Logic Console (use and automation). Program The main objective of this project was to provide Tecson [...]

Swing Musica


Overview Swing Musica is a totally new 250m2 facility located in the "hip" Palermo Hollywood area in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Swing Musica's new building features two recording studios and an audio post suite. The facility serves advertising agencies with music for commercials and audio post-production. Swing Musica is the number one company of this kind [...]

Timbaland Studios – Tim Mosley


Overview Superstar hip-hop producer Tim "Timbaland" Mosley has completed a private recording studio in Virginia Beach. The studio was conceived and developed in conjunction with long time engineer, Jimmy Douglas. This full service audio production center has been created in an existing (approximate) 5,000 sq. ft. two-story industrial park building. A complete renovation of the [...]



Overview SoundRec Studios is a 180m2 facility located in the heart of Buenos Aires, Argentina, containing two recording and mixing suites as well as sound support production rooms. Program SoundRec features one recording studio with variable acoustics and a film mixing theater room with Dolby Surround certification and two audio port suites. The facility serves [...]

Pira Studio – Sergio Oliva


Overview Pira Studio is the largest studio in the City of Cordoba, Argentina. For over 20 years, it has recorded the biggest names in traditional folk and Argentinian music. The name of “PIRA” comes from his father, one of the pioneers of the audio pro scene in the country. They were looking to remodel their [...]

Paradise Garage – Robert Clivilles


Overview Behind the garage doors of hit producer/composer Robert Clivillés’ elegant home are not the Bentley or Maserati one might expect, but an equally impressive level of technical excellence.  Internationally acclaimed for his C+C Music Factory #1 smash “Gonna Make You Sweat,” and hits for artists ranging from Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam to Mariah [...]

Yellow Sound Lab


Overview A former East Village hair salon has morphed into a concise but efficient recording studio thanks to the vision of producer/engineer Michael Croiter and the space optimization skills of Walters-Storyk Design Group architect/acoustician John Storyk. Croiter, drummer for the original off (and now on) Broadway musical hit Avenue Q, had been searching for a workable (and [...]

World Harmony



Overview Set on a 300-acre horse farm/vineyard in Upstate New York, World Harmony Studios is a high-end destination studio; geared to accommodate a wide range of theatrical, feature film and music recording projects. Owned by producer/ businessman Samuel Nappi, the 2500 sq. ft. complex integrates cutting-edge technology within an impeccable acoustic footprint.  Built into a [...]

University of Michigan


Overview Students at the University of Michigan Audio Program are reaping the benefits of a newly renovated recording studio. An essential component of the University of Michigan School of Music, the studio is an integral element of the school’s audio program and serves as the University’s recording facility for a variety of projects. Redesigned by John Storyk [...]

VGTRK Sound Recording Studios


Project Team The project team consists of four parties. The client was VGTRK Sound Recording Studios (lead engineers: Boris Nekrasov and Sergey Remizov). Local project management, construction management, materials sourcing, local code compliance and engineering services was provided by I.S.P.A. Engineering in Moscow (project managers: Yuri Butko, Vadim Nerukhov and Olga Lotova). Technical systems design and integration [...]

Vivace Music


Overview In the heart of downtown Montevideo, in Uruguay, the ¨Switzerland¨ of Latin America, Vivace Music has established a new standard of high-quality audio production. Designed to meet the recording requirements of an eclectic client base that encompasses everything from traditional Latin music to rock, jazz, pop and dance (including, The Tango), Vivace Music offers [...]

Yaron Fuchs


Overview WSDG developed a number of templates during the past few years for small home style studio environments, including Paradise Garage, an elegant Westchester facility created for hit producer Robert Clivillés as well as Alicia Key’s Oven Studios in Long Island.  “It was a remarkable coincidence to hear that Yaron was planning to turn his [...]

Javeriana University



Overview One of the largest universities in the country, the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana caters to over 22.000 students and 3.500 professors in its 174.900 sq mts campus in Bogotá, Colombia. The university campus consists of 45 buildings, including a hospital, a radio station, libraries and the Ático Center, the first high tech information and communications [...]

Celebrity Studio


Overview One hour by train from Hong Kong, in the thriving metropolis of Guangzhou stands China’s first true ‘celebrity’ recording studio. Technologically sophisticated and acoustically superb, the studio was conceived by international pop star Hins Cheung. Three years in development and construction, the complex represents the future of China’s recording industry. And, a carefully considered [...]

Art Institute



Overview An intensive 5-year design/construction program by the Walters-Storyk Design Group has produced eighteen professional audio education studios for The Art Institutes’ educational institutions across the U.S.  Developed to train students for jobs in the rapidly expanding sphere of high tech audio-related occupations, the studios provide cutting edge instruction in both theory and hands-on production [...]

Alicia Keys – The Oven Studios


Overview Oven Studios is the personal studio of Alicia Keys. Built in the suburbs of New York, the studio was designed to be a creative, comfortable environment where Keys could create her music on her own time, in her own space. As soon as it was completed, the facility was involved in several high profile projects [...]

NYU Steinhardt/Dolan Music Technology Center

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Overview NYU’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development's James L. Dolan Recording/Teaching complex at the Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions is one of the most technically advanced audio teaching facilities in the United States.  It was created to provide students with an exemplary learning environment. The $6.8 million, 7500 sq. ft. [...]



Overview A cappella, one of the most idiosyncratic of all performing techniques, presents the ultimate challenge in precision vocalizing. Recording performances that rely exclusively on the human voice for instrumentation, as well as lyrics and melody, are artistically unique. VOCOMOTION Studio owner Freddie Feldman is a master of the genre. Opening his original studio in Evanston, [...]

Circo Beat Studios – Fito Páez



Overview Something that is immediately apparent in the control room design of Circo Beat is the concave surfaces. Another distinct feature is the color scheme throughout studio, which was a personal choice of the artist, Fito Páez. He chose the yellowish color in the live room which had the effect of making it become very relaxed [...]

Berklee College of Music – Valencia



Overview As the Berklee College of Music’s first European Campus, the futuristic Valencia Complex personifies Berklee’s commitment to providing the technological and business skills required for successful careers in the 21st-century music industry. Designed to serve both European and Berklee U.S. undergraduate and graduate level students studying abroad, Berklee Valencia will focus on five primary [...]




Overview Created in collaboration with studio architect and acoustician John Storyk of Walters-Storyk Design Group, audioEngine's Studio F (The Cabin) immerses clients in a luxuriously rustic 27 foot x 20 foot Adirondack-style log cabin environment. Features include rough hewn, highly polished floors, a hand-set stone fireplace (with a 65 inch Sharp LCD flat screen set [...]

Roc The Mic – Jay-Z



Overview A 4500 sq. foot, full-floor studio complex, Roc the Mic is highlighted by fully networked, spacious twin control rooms featuring SSL 9000 J and 4000 G+ consoles, plus a high-end Pro Tools production suite. All three rooms aim to set powerful new benchmarks in power and accuracy with custom Augspurger monitoring systems. Designed to [...]

Jungle City Studios – Ann Mincieli



Overview The epitome of hip elegance and acoustical excellence, Jungle City Studios signify the dawn of the ‘Retro Future/Future Retro’ era. The $6 million + complex also re-calibrates the benchmark for destination studio design. Crowning a new luxury office building at 520 West 27th Street in NYC’s chill High Line district, Jungle City morphed 4800 square feet of [...]