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“I started out as an intern at The Hit Factory, and their Studio E Live Room was one of the best sounding rooms ever. John Storyk’s design and acoustical skills contributed to the success of all those rooms. When we decided to build our own studio we were committed to going with the best. I called John to bring WSDG on board. They worked with us on every level, and we love what they’ve done for Dream Asylum. It was a great collaboration. We are extremely proud to have a studio that looks and sounds this great.”
Marcella Araica, Co-Owner, Engineer, Producer, Dream Asylum
“…I was in the cafe – venue and listened to a jazz trio, playing very lightly, but the sound was terrific — I walked all over the room while the drummer was doing some nice stick work on cymbals, and hear every overtone, bass note and full audio balance. Thanks for all your hard work on this project…”
Roger Brown, President, Berklee College of Music
“The Documentary Group and I were lucky enough to inaugurate the superb new facilities at Blue Table, under the artistry of it’s brilliant editor Oliver Lief. I have never worked under more pleasant or well thought-out conditions. Our work, which was intensive and under a tough deadline, could not have been facilitated with such ease elsewhere. Highly recommended.”
Meryl Streep, Actress & Singer
“WSDG has a global reputation for extraordinary recording studio design. We were pleased to have had the benefit of their design and acoustic expertise. Many of our clients have congratulated us on the look and the sound of our new recording facility. Those comments regularly remind us that we made the correct decision.”
Jose Fráncisco Aguilera, Principal, Estudio 13
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