HIGHLAND, NEW YORK: Over thirty members of the WSDG Walters-Storyk Design Group global team are convening this week at WSDG’s rustic, Highland, New York world headquarters. John Storyk and Beth Walters, founding partners of the leading architectural/acoustic consultancy, and partners Sergio Molho (U.S.), Dirk Noy (Switzerland), Renato Cipriano (Brazil), Silvia Molho (Argentina), and representatives from Guangzhou City, China, Mumbai, Doha, Mexico City, Moscow, Los Angeles, Boston, and Miami are participating.

WSDG Worldwide Team Leaders and members united in the 2016 WSDG global meeting at Highland, NY

“We have been holding Global meetings for a number of years,” remarked Director of Business Development, Sergio Molho. “But, as 2016 has unfolded as a banner year for WSDG, with over 70 diverse projects worldwide, all our company principals felt strongly about gathering together under one roof for a series of face to face (and Internet feed) meetings.

“Our business plan has broadened far beyond our original recording and broadcast facility client base,” Molho explains. “We now provide design, Sound isolationspeech intelligibility, systems integration and acoustic modeling services to Hotels, Corporate, Residential, Performance and Educational clients. Key members of our team, from Partner/Project managers Romina Larregina and Joshua Morris to Partner/CFO Nancy Flannery, and all of our International Partners are making presentations to highlight advances in their particular areas of expertise. This year’s meeting is proving itself an invaluable asset for enhancing inter-company collaboration and in building esprit de corps.”

WSDG 2016 Global Meeting Worldwide conference videocall WSDG 2016 Global meeting landscape at snowy and rustic Highland, NY WSDG 2016 Global Meeting - Beth Walters and Michael Collet preparing the delicious appetizers for the Team.