Project Description


Starting from scratch in 2007 in his parents basement, unknown singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist, Adam Young quickly evolved from iTunes sales to a major deal with Republic Records and on to Fireflies, a six-time platinum single, from his Ocean Eyes debut album (certified platinum in 2010). Increasing critical and commercial success inspired Young to support his creativity with a custom designed WSDG recording studio recently completed in his new home, a rustic log cabin deep in the Minnesota woods.


Sky Harbor Studios (ex Owl City) features a spacious control room outfitted with an SSL AWS console, Adam Audio S-4XV mains and an extensive collection of outboard gear. To compliment the log cabin’s interior and exterior setting, the studio was constructed entirely from natural wood. The Control Room is outfitted with a custom rolling producer’s desk, and four mobile equipment racks to facilitate room reconfiguration to accommodate diverse session requirements. WSDG also designed an innovative, polycylindrical ceiling cloud to fine-tune the mixing position. A 225 sq. ft. live room with a 35 sq. ft. vocal booth supports Young’s primarily keyboard-based productions.


The airy, beautifully finished studio interior was designed to perfectly compliment the log cabin’s smooth-finished log exterior. The matching oak plank floor and polished ceiling are highlighted by the wood and gray fabric ceiling cloud, which is fitted with five built-in lights and framed by nearly two-dozen side-mounted (and fully dimmable) track lights. The wooden walls are illuminated by twin sconces, which project light towards both the ceiling and the floor. A handsome slate-topped producer’s desk is positioned behind the engineers’ console, and faces twin 60” flat panel LCD monitors and the speaker configuration. Sky Harbor seems destined to inspire and support Adam Young’s creativity for many years to come.


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