Project Description


Universidad ICESI is located in Cali, Colombia and is the third largest university in the country.  It currently caters to a student population of around 5,000 and offers a wide range of programs in the arts and sciences.  ICESI has recently unveiled a brand-new music performance, composition, and production program and as such commissioned WSDG to design a new building that will serve as a one-stop facility to cater to the needs of students at all levels in this program.  The final design was a collaboration between WSDG’s Systems Integration Teams and ICESI Music Program Director Mateo De Los Rios.


The ICESI building is a meticulously designed all-in-one space designed to provide students with access to not only classrooms and rehearsal spaces, but purpose-designed media labs, video production rooms, and multiple world-class recording studios.  The idea behind it is to contain the entire process of composition and professional production contained in one building.  The shell building was based on a common template used on the University campus, and then each floor was carefully designed from the ground up by WSDG to meet the exacting standards for acoustic treatment in both performing and recording spaces that the firm is known for.


The four-story building is divided into different sections, each carefully laid out to suit the needs of the different aspects of ICESI’s music program.  The first floor is divided between classrooms, media lab spaces, a full featured video studio and the first of three top-of-the-line recording studios in the building.  Floor 2 features large rehearsal spaces, suitable for bigger ensembles and more complex instrumentation.  Floor 3 features two more recording studios linked with a large two-story live room as well as multiple isolation booths.  Finally, Floor 4 features a honeycomb of individual rehearsal spaces, as well as purpose-designed labs for piano and percussion students.

ICESI Technology

Studio Control Room A features an API 2448 24 Console, Focal Trio 6BE Main Monitors, ATC SCM250, 5.1 System Focal Trio 6Be, Focal Solo 6Be and Focal Solo Sub;  A MacPro Core  i9,  ProTools Ultimate DAW, Avid HDX DSP; 32 Channel Focusrite RedNet2 and HearBack Pro.  Control Room B features an SSL Matrix2 console, Adam S3H + 2 Adam Subs, MacPro, Core 19 Workstation, ProTools Ultimate DAW, Avid HD Native Thunderbolt DSP, and 32 Channel Focusrite RedNet2 A/D-D/A Converters.  Control Room C offers Focusrite ISA828 8 channel and Focusrite OctoPRE 16 channel preamps, a Yamaha ML8A 8 channel preamp, a Mackie MCU Pro + MCU XT 24 fader controller; Dangerous Monitor ST & Dangerous Remote, Genelec 4050B Mains, Yamaha HS8, ProTools Ultimate 2020 DAW, Avid HD Native Thunderbolt DSP, 32 Channel Focusrite and RedNet2 A/D-D/A Converters.   All three Control Rooms are equipped with Avantone MixCube 5” and with Waves Diamond Bundle, Avid Bundle and UAD Plugins


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