Project Description


The massive destruction that wracked Haiti by 2008’s Hurricane Hanna (and devastating 2010 earthquake) inspired a deluge of volunteerism, and support from around the world. One of the ongoing positives to spring from those disasters is Artists for Peace and Justice (APJ). This nonprofit organization has committed its energies and resources to the development of an innovative full-scholarship, 2-year college devoted to providing young island residents with an audio (or video) production education and, career counseling designed to help them achieve employment.


Built with hurricane (and earthquake) secure construction techniques and materials on the 5 acre site of a former ocean front estate, the APJ campus is comprised of three thatched roof buildings: A the (1432 sq. ft.) Writing/Mixing and Tracking Studios; B A School House with two (500 sq. ft.) Classrooms and C a (1314 sq. ft.) Studio with a (326 sq. ft. Control Room and (579 sq. ft.) Live Room. Designed to accommodate two simultaneous classes of 35 1st year and 35 2nd year students, APJ offers hands-on training on contemporary audio production and mixing technology, and classes on entrepreneurship, business development and traditional educational subjects.


Inspired by traditional island building styles, from the outside, the APJ Campus appears to be a small, self-contained, three-structure village.   The school’s centerpiece is a professional recording studio featuring an SSL AWS 924 Console, Genelec 1037C speakers and Genelec 8040A + 7070A surrounds. Acoustically treated to support a wide range of styles including traditional Haitian Voodoo rhythms blended with rock, pop and blues (known as Razin), the live room takes full advantage of the island setting, and is graced by 22 ½ ft. high ceiling, a spacious ISO booth, sound lock, storage and machine room. Flooded with natural light from numerous windows, and blessed with breathtaking ocean views, the studio combines inspirational vibes with superb acoustics, which benefit from a clean straightforward, cost-effective WSDG design.


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