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Berklee College of Music & WSDG WINNERS of the TEC Awards 2014 for Best Studio Design Project

Visit Berklee 160 Project Page Visit the TEC Award Web Site     Overview Berklee College of Music opened the doors to its 160 Massachusetts Avenue, residence tower in January 2014.  The building now features one of the largest, most progressive, and versatile professional audio teaching/production/performance complexes in the U.S.  Over three years and $100 million have [...]

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Media Production Facility Architecture – Room Acoustics, Absorption and Diffusion

Dirk Noy, Walters-Storyk Design Group (WSDG You being one of Resolution’s most serious readers will certainly remember – since a number of issues we are busy planning and building our dream media production facility. The basic issues of site selection and layout considerations were covered a while back, and the previous article of this series [...]

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Acoustic Products

List of links to web pages of acoustics products. Acoutech Room Acoustics Systems (German and French Site) Manufacturers of Acoustical Materials Acoustical Interiors Diffusors, Foam Products, Bass Traps etc. ASC - Tube Trap Manufacturers of the Tube Trap and ATTACK Wall Best Block Company Soundcell / Acoustical Block GEMA Ceilings Acoustical Ceilings IAC Industrial [...]

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Measurement and Analysis Tools

Below are some useful measurement and analysis tools--with relevant descriptions--that can be found on the web. Acoustics Engineering (Sabin and Dirac): Developers of Sabin andt Dirac acoustical software Brüel & Kjær: Measurement microphones, sound level meters, analyzers etc. Davis Instruments: Test Instruments for Industrial Applications DRA Laboratories: Developers of MLSSA acoustical measurement system Gold Line: Manufacturer of numerous audio / acoustical [...]

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Mathematics and Physics

calculator.com      Great selection of miscellaneous calculators - no acoustics, though CDML     Great Windows 95/98/NT shareware calculator - all scientific functions, optional RPN notation Dan Russel's Page     Acoustics and Vibration Animations hp41.org     Free Emulator of the classic HP41 calculator - neat Mathtools - MATLAB files etc.     The scientific portal for MATLAB files, toolboxes, links and resources The [...]

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There are many, many audio education programs available around the world; below are just a few. For a more complete listing, visit Mix Magazine's audio education directories.  Ex'Pression Center for New Media     San Francisco, California Full Sail Real World Education Orlando, Florida The Liverpool Center for Performing Arts     A unique Europeaerforming Arts and Sound Technology, [...]

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