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EAST HAMPTON STAR: MonkMusic, Sequestered in Northwest

by Jennifer Landes Cynthia Daniels has a voice meant for radio. Low in timbre, rich and melodic, it soothes the ears like warm buttered rum. Her radio shows, “MonkMusic Radio” and “On the Air at Crossroads,” showcase East End musicians playing and talking about their music. Tomorrow, those musicians will join her and her co-host [...]

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The WSDG proposal addressed a number of significant sound distortion problems, including poor intelligibility and a lack of acoustic accuracy.   “The Westchester County Center had some acoustic work done in 1988, but the critical listening issues weren’t adequately addressed,” Joshua Morris reports. “Our modeling and measurement tests determined the problems could be ameliorated through [...]

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Acoustic Products

List of links to web pages of acoustics products. Acoutech Room Acoustics Systems (German and French Site) Manufacturers of Acoustical Materials Acoustical Interiors Diffusors, Foam Products, Bass Traps etc. ASC - Tube Trap Manufacturers of the Tube Trap and ATTACK Wall Best Block Company Soundcell / Acoustical Block GEMA Ceilings Acoustical Ceilings IAC Industrial [...]

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Measurement and Analysis Tools

Below are some useful measurement and analysis tools--with relevant descriptions--that can be found on the web. Acoustics Engineering (Sabin and Dirac): Developers of Sabin andt Dirac acoustical software Brüel & Kjær: Measurement microphones, sound level meters, analyzers etc. Davis Instruments: Test Instruments for Industrial Applications DRA Laboratories: Developers of MLSSA acoustical measurement system Gold Line: Manufacturer of numerous audio / acoustical [...]

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Mathematics and Physics      Great selection of miscellaneous calculators - no acoustics, though CDML     Great Windows 95/98/NT shareware calculator - all scientific functions, optional RPN notation Dan Russel's Page     Acoustics and Vibration Animations     Free Emulator of the classic HP41 calculator - neat Mathtools - MATLAB files etc.     The scientific portal for MATLAB files, toolboxes, links and resources The [...]

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There are many, many audio education programs available around the world; below are just a few. For a more complete listing, visit Mix Magazine's audio education directories.  Ex'Pression Center for New Media     San Francisco, California Full Sail Real World Education Orlando, Florida The Liverpool Center for Performing Arts     A unique Europeaerforming Arts and Sound Technology, [...]

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1212International Directory to the Music Industry Adventures in Modern RecordingEddie Kramer hosts a series of videos about the art of making recording music Alpeda     Excellent free multimedia course AudioWorld OnLineExcellent Professional and HiFi audio directory, news and community    Scientific White Papers covering many aspects of professional media technology Digital Recordings    Advanced research and developments in audio [...]

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Architecture and Construction Associations

archINFORM     International Architectural Database and Information Retrieval System for Architecture Baudoc (Swiss Site) Extensive construction sourcebook Bauhandwerk (Swiss Site) Company directory of the Swiss construction industry (German Site) Materials, Glossary, Manufacturers Index BauNetz (German Site) Directory of Construction Services and Materials Building Team     Community site for architects, engineers, owners, contractors, manufacturers CeCAD     AutoCAD software for handheld PCs and PocketPCs [...]

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