List of links to web pages of acoustics products.

Acoutech Room Acoustics Systems (German and French Site)
Manufacturers of Acoustical Materials

Acoustical Interiors
Diffusors, Foam Products, Bass Traps etc.

ASC – Tube Trap
Manufacturers of the Tube Trap and ATTACK Wall

Best Block Company
Soundcell / Acoustical Block

GEMA Ceilings
Acoustical Ceilings

IAC Industrial Acoustics Germany
Acoustical products of all types and flavors – from recording studio items to jet engine test stands

HBT Isol (German Site)
Noise- and Vibration Control Products

(English and German Site) – the makers of the infamous “sonex” and other acoustical product lines

Instant Acoustics
(Austrian Site in German) – acoustical products that don’t look like acoustical products.

Kinetics Noise Control
Industrial Noise and Vibration Isolation product range

Novawall Benelux (Dutch Site)
Stretched Fabric System

Proudfoot / Soundblox
Sound Control / Specialty Masonry Products

RAS (German Site)
Manufacturers of Acoustical Materials

RPG Diffusor Systems, Inc.
Manufacturers of Diffractals, Diffusors, Bass Traps and much, much more.

Stewart Filmscreen Corporation
Manufacturers of good film screens, some of them perforated and/or THX-compatible

Cementitious Wood Fiber Acoustical Products

Many different, aesthetically very pleasing absorptive materials

Manufacturer of acoustical sound isolation booths, products for music education and more

Wilhelmi (English and German Site)
Wood based highly decorative product lines

Zero Seal Systems
Sealing systems for doors etc.