Project Description


Ongoing growth and a commitment to providing their expanding market with innovative new products prompted PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc. to commission an $8+ million, 44,000-square foot complex as their new home.   Following almost two years of design and construction, the leading manufacturer of professional digital and analog audio hardware and integrated software opened its new high-tech headquarters and research facility in May 2014.  The state of the art facility includes R&D, testing and engineering departments, executive offices and, in an atypical move, a state-of-the-art recording studio.


It is rare for a manufacturer of pro audio equipment to invest in a full-blown, in-house recording studio on this scale.  The thinking was it was vital that new PreSonus technology be subject to real world recording studio conditions.  The WSDG recording complex will enable PreSonus product engineers to scrupulously assess new developments in absolutely real-world conditions.  The studio should go a long way towards eliminating bugs and wrinkles prior to field-testing, before they even touch the consumer’s hands.


The 2,500 sq. ft. PreSonus Recording Studio is situated at the hub of the new complex.  It features a 313 sq. ft. control room, 500 sq. ft. live room, two iso rooms (127 sq. ft. & 60 sq. ft.), a 127 sq. ft. Video Production Suite, five 100+ sq. ft. Test Labs and, an additional 1500 sq. ft. live performance area.  The studio is fully isolated from the surrounding marketing, sales, business/meeting rooms, café and support areas.  Each control room has its own iso booth, and the studios are designed to provide a high level of interactivity.  For example the Control Room can command the live room and both isos, while the Video Production Suite functions independently for live shoots and utilizes the iso booths for overdubs.  This flexibility was critical to enabling PreSonus Engineering and R&D teams to maximize their studio resources. The Live Sound Room also provides PreSonus with a venue in which to test their growing line of live sound products. Instruments remain set up on the stage and employees  (many of whom are accomplished musicians) can jam using the PreSonus gear, without fear of distracting their co-workers.


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