Project Description


‘The Body,’ Carter Burwell’s first WSDG studio was completed in his Tribeca loft in 1999. That initial home studio served the prolific film score composer exceedingly well.  His IMDb CV includes iconic film score credits ranging from Todd Haynes’ 2015 feature Carol and Martin McDonagh’s Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (both Academy Award nominees) to Spike Jonze’s Being John Malkovich and, all but one of the Coen Brothers idiosyncratic films including Fargo and The Big Lebowski.  22 years later, Burwell returned to John Storyk and WSDG to commission a new ‘The Body’ studio in an ultra modern 4420sf Maziar Behrooz-designed home on a bluff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean near Montauk Point.


Engaging WSDG while his new home was still on the drawing boards provided Burwell with many advantages.  Founding partner John Storyk and the design team made acoustic and ergonomic recommendations early on in the process that maximized the efficiency of the available space and enhanced the room’s recording and listening quality.  WSDG Partner/COO/Project Manager, Joshua Morris describes the sunny, high ceilinged studio as an ideal creative space.  “His composing keyboard can alternate between a spot at the listening mix position with the ocean view and an alternate location in the rear of the room with a view of the bay,” Morris says.  “He installed a flat screen monitor on a motorized flip-down mount, and motorized blackout shades to mask distracting views and brilliant sunlight when necessary.  Working with an open floor plan WSDG prescribed a 600+ SQ. FT. studio in a separate wing attached to the 2nd floor of Burwell’s new home.  Insulated from the living/entertaining quarters, the studio is large enough to host visiting filmmakers, and small enough to make an inconspicuous footprint in a new home graced by bay views at the rear and front views of the Atlantic Ocean.”


A study in fully-floated isolation, and precisely tuned with an RPG Acrylic Quadratic Residue Diffusor, and Micro-Perforated RPG wall treatments, the studio assures Burwell of ideal recording and listening acoustics.  A compact Iso booth, equipment closet and small rectangular office complete a studio that fundamentally represents a 600 sq. ft. sweet spot.  The new ‘Body’ Studio features a flawless systems integration by WSDG Sr. Systems Designer, Federico Hugo Petrone.  It also represents the final assignment designed by long-time WSDG resident HVAC genius, Marcy Ramos who passed away soon after completing his work on the project. “Carter Burwell has a penchant for clean uncluttered work spaces,” John Storyk remarked.  “We learned that early on with his Tribeca studio.  Outfitted with acoustic doors and windows and set apart from the living and entertaining areas, this new room should provide him with all the serenity and visual inspiration his creativity requires.”

The Body Tech Specs

The centerpiece of The Body Studio is an Avid S6 32-fader console.  The 7.1 monitoring system is all Genelec, with 8351A mains and 8300surrounds.  Burwell’s composing keyboard is a Native Instruments 588.  He writes in MOTU’s Digital Performer and notates in Sibelius.  A 65-inch flat screen “flips down” from its motorized ceiling mount, and motorized sheer and blackout shades were installed to block sunlight for composing and mixing sessions.  The studio is fully-floated and precisely tuned with RPG Acrylic Quadratic Residue Diffusors and RPG Micro-Perforated wall treatments, along with custom broadband absorption and diffusion masked by fabric for a clean aesthetic look.


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