Project Description


Introduced in 2003 by Mike Idioma, one of the Philippines’ most accomplished sound engineers, WildSound quickly built a reputation for feature film and commercial location recording and eventually for providing top-drawer sound recording equipment rentals. By 2007 the firm was considered one of the most innovative audio production firms in the country, and was ready to add audio mixing services to their list of services. Finally in 2011, with the realization of the co-owner Tony Tuviera, the need to upgrade to a Dolby Atmos® equipped mixing suite became a new goal for the firm. With this development, WildSound Studios foresees to provide South East Asia, and other countries beyond, an alternative Audio Post Production facility.


WSDG Brazil partner Renato Cipriano met with Idioma and his partners to discuss the new mixing studio, plans were developed and a site selected. The WildSound team envisioned a spacious mixing theater with a large screen, multi format projection, a large mixing desk, high ceiling, comfortable seating and absolutely impeccable acoustics. In addition to superb technical qualifications, the mixing room also had to be aesthetically interesting to create a comfortable atmosphere for WildSound’s clients.


WSDG Latin Art Director, Silvia Molho developed the interior color palette for the theater. Emblazoned with deep red fabric covered wall and ceiling acoustic panels, and a handsome natural wood real wall resonator, the WildSound Mixing Suite is a vibrant workplace. Seven banks of Dolby-approved, Atmos speakers set in groupings of four each on the side and rear walls and two ceiling mounted quartet banks, provide the room with impeccable surround sound reproduction. The mixing desk features an Avid Icon D-Control ES 32 fader console, and the room is equipped with a 203” x 100” (240”diagonal) perforated screen. The plush red fabric client couch was set on a 3” high platform in front of the desk well within the mixing area sweet spot.


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