Project Description


Brooklyn, NY-based Gimlet Media, the award-winning podcast production company behind hit podcasts like Reply All, Homecoming, and Science Vs, commissioned a 28,000 square foot production facility in downtown Brooklyn. Designed in tandem with WSDG, the new facility catapults Gimlet’s podcasting operations from a modest studio operation to a commercial-grade, custom-built space which promises to take its content to the next level — from both a quality and efficiency perspective.


The Brooklyn facility features 12 podcast studios, custom designed for different production needs, but all aligning to a consistent sonic signature. The studios fit together in a honeycomb fashion, maximizing the use of the available space while providing supreme comfort and an abundance of natural light.


Each studio is outfitted with top of the line microphones and recording equipment, and all sound is routed digitally through a customized Q-SYS Platform, designed specifically for Gimlet’s unique needs by Thompson and Matt Gajowniczek of Chicago-based integrator SPL.

In addition to the podcast spaces, the production facility also boasts a traditional recording studio with additional soundproofing and a 375 square foot live room. The abundance of space allows ample room for unique needs – like Gimlet’s scripted fiction shows, while enabling in-house recording of music for their various podcasts.

Photography by Cheryl Fleming Photography ®


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