Project Description


ESPM, one of Brazil’s premiere institutes of higher learning has inaugurated a cutting edge Broadcast Teaching Center for its São Paulo Journalism Campus. Positioned as an elliptical, six-station teaching island, the 45m2 / 480ft2 classroom/production center provides students with full visual access to all production/broadcast activity. The classroom enables students to immerse themselves in the hyper-realistic broadcast environment, both as working participants and as observers.


The WSDG mandate was to develop a comprehensive master plan including production and broadcast studios, office spaces and meeting/conference rooms. And, to design and fine-tune the studio’s acoustic. Because the teaching/production studio is situated above and below active classrooms, complete room-within-room studio construction was a key stipulation. This floating system enabled WSDG to isolate all sound emanating from the studio and exclude external sound from encroaching on student productions and broadcasts. 


ESPM was determined to make this teaching/production studio a showplace that would inspire and motivate students, and to provide this growing industry with a new generation of highly qualified creative production personnel. The elliptical shape literally places the complex at the hub of the floor. Two expansive studio windows flood the area with daylight, and, also provide every student who passes by with a sense of the activity and excitement generated within. Nine spoke-like ceiling treatments enhance the rooms’ acoustic qualities and lend additional visual support to the wheel-like, design concept.


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