Project Description


The Basel Music Academy has been one of the leading musical education centers in Switzerland for the past 150 years, with a robust curriculum of composition, performance, and recording programs. The Academy’s leadership launched the ‘MAB Campus 2040’ project to renovate and renew the campus, ultimately selecting an ambitious proposal from Swiss architecture firm Architecture Club. Knowing that such a project would require high-performance architectural acoustic solutions befitting the campus’s reputation, Architecture Club partnered with WSDG due to their globally renowned expertise, as well as their existing standing with the Academy for their work on various spaces over the years, including the Grand Hall, New Hall as well as Kleiner Saal concert halls.


The planned upgrades include a brand-new building dubbed the ‘Salle Modulable’ which will house a large Concert Hall outfitted to suit a wide variety of live performance needs and utilizing the latest in digital production tools, video imaging and sound reinforcement. The building will include a rehearsal stage, state-of-the-art recording studios, and dance spaces. The covered outdoor foyer of the Salle Modulable – cleverly located as a gap between the existing library building and the new addition – will serve as an inviting gathering space for students and visitors. 

In addition to new construction, major refits are also planned for the remaining campus buildings which include acoustic and A/V upgrades.