Project Engineer

Flavio Gallacchi, Project Engineer and Audio Engineer. WSDG Basel office.

Flavio Gallacchi received his diploma as an audio engineer from the audio engineering course ffton in Zurich, Switzerland.  His main focus lies on performing room-acoustical and electro-acoustical measurements, their analysis and the subsequent process of optimization, which involves room-acoustics software and programming audio DPS.  He is also busy working on the technical design and integration of audio and video-systems in WSDG Projects. 

Before joining WSDG, Flavio has been working as a live mixing engineer and as a technician in a local Hi-Fi retail store where he trained his ears and specialized in calibrating turntables.  He has been owner of a drum school where he also was an instructor after graduating from the Los Angeles Music Academy.

In his spare time he likes to undertake audio-experiments in his project studio and tuning stereo- as well as surround-sound-systems.  Every now and then he enjoys a hike in the Swiss alps or a swim in the local river Rhine.  Flavio has always been very passionate about music and continues to play in various bands and styles.

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