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Jeanrenaud Dances Into Studio Trilogy

San Francisco, CA (April 9, 2015)—San Francisco's Studio Trilogy recently hosted sessions by Grammy-nominated cellist and composer Joan Jeanrenaud, who was recording new music for San Francisco's ODC dance company. Jeanrenaud has been working on the music for nine months with KT Nelson, co-founder of the 35-year old San Francisco dance company. She was joined [...]

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University of Colorado Denver

Friday & Saturday - April 10 & 11, 2015, All Day, University of Colorado Denver Denver, Colorado Title: "Architecture and Acoustics in a Critical Listening Environment" Presented by Architect / Acoustician John Storyk, Principal, WSDG Language: English Description:  The course will be a tour through the following subjects with an emphasis on both theoretical aspects [...]

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Webcast: Sound Quality for Networked Audio

Wednesday - April 1, 2015, 2pm, WEBCAST: Sound Quality for Networked Audio Why is the critical speech intelligibility of audio networks so frequently compromised? Moving signal from point A to point B is never enough--clarity and intelligibility are the core requirements of any network. In this webcast, internationally recognized expert and educator John Storyk will [...]

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