WSDG Representatives Aditya Modi and Marc Viadiú assisted Palm Expo (India) 2015 in the city of Mumbai, and exhibited WSDG latest works and designs, as well as researching the innovations in terms of audio and technology in one of the biggest and great expo’s worldwide, where we share a booth with our friends of Modi Digital, AURO3D, Eve Audio and Drawmer.

The PALM Expo carried over a long heritage and reputation from the success story that it has weaved over the years from the 23 successful past editions organized.

Embarking on its past success, PALM Expo has established itself as the landmark event and the critical platform for industry players and big brands to showcase their latest products and technologies. PALM Expo have also evolved to serve as an important gateway to gain access to the thriving markets in Greater China.

Being the benchmark and most highly-regarded event within the industry through strong support from local government and associations, PALM Expo is also the largest and most established event of its kind that is able to provide you with a proven platform that you can take advantage of to meet, interact and exchange ideas with key decision makers, international key players, to expand your business and grow your market share in the region.

Attracting over 62,000 visitors and 1,100 exhibitors participating in the PALM Expo 2014, PALM Expo 2015 is a crucial platform to discover the latest happenings within the industry that you definitely do not want to miss!

Check the photos of the WSDG booth, and our representatives at the Expo!