Séan Thurgood

23 Sep 2022

The music project was commissioned by Max Arnold and Francisco Oroz, stalwart supporters of the local music scene

Arnold and Oroz often frequented studios in Mexico City or the United States during their formative years as musicians and wanted to bring the power of the big city to a smaller town to further encourage local musicians to thrive.

The studio was constructed across a 1,500 sq m lot with a futuristic and warm aesthetic. Featuring a royal blue colour scheme, offset by wood panelling throughout ensures that the studio feels like a home-away-from-home for any artists working there. Providing these modcons was essential to the vision of the client.

The technical aspects of the studio are all up-to-date with all acoustic and design aspects considered. From the audio production spaces, to the live room to the control room, each has been set up to ensure that there is no need to travel far to use impressive music facilities.

“Our city deserves bigger things, and this studio feels like a big step in the right direction. We’re very grateful to WSDG for expanding our horizons on what was possible with Sonic Den. We’re able to do everything we ever wanted and more here — it’s truly a dream come true.”

Max Arnold, Client


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