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When Walters-Storyk Design Group partner/director of international relations Sergio Molho tasked project engineer Marc Viadiu with attending the Broadcast & Film Africa 2012 Conference in Kenya last year, he did not anticipate initiating a major new project. However, Viadiu’s meeting with, Qatar Television’s (QTV), support and development committee audio chief, Xavier Massard, produced just that. In preparing to open a world-class TV production complex, QTV, required precise acoustical measurements and specific recommendations for reducing reverberation time on its three primary studio sets. WSDG specializes in those services.

“In Kenya, Marc Viadiu provided Massard with examples of WSDG’s testing procedures and expertise in broadcast production facility design in Europe, South America and the U.S.,” Molho said. “I made an initial site visit in mid-October and returned with Marc in November to perform acoustic measurement and simulation tests. We made a third site visit to present our evaluation report and recommendations.”
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QTV has three permanent program sets. The 14,788 sq. ft./39.4 ft. high News Show and 10,764 sq ft./39.4 ft. high Evening Show sets live within the TV production complex. The 3230 sq. ft./ 26.2 ft. high Morning Show set is situated within “The Pearl,” a large commercial mall. WSDG’s mandate was to fine tune the interior room acoustics, and resolve disparate isolation issues for all three studios. A primary condition was that the work be completed within a two-month time frame to enable the station to begin scheduled broadcasting by December 16, 2012.

“We had the necessary custom acoustic absorption panels fabricated to international broadcast industry standards,” Molho said. “And, we met the 60-day deadline. Additionally, WSDG supervised the design, construction and certification of two 9 ft. high, 3.5 ft. wide custom acoustic doors for the Evening Show Studio. Those doors, each weighing a full ton, were installed during the second phase of the project in February.”

Working closely with Xavier Massard and with Kinan Massard, QTV’s chief of video, WSDG focused on providing highly effective acoustic solutions, including 1250 sqm of Melamine foam, (61 cubic meters) and 700 sqm of polyurethane foam (21 cubic meters). As per client directives, the installation is completely undetectable to viewers.

“The success of this initial project has led QTV to engage WSDG for a 2nd project, a new audio post suite,” Molho said. “We are very pleased to have established a productive working relationship with QTV, and we look forward to being of additional service to them in the future.”

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