Project Description


In the heart of downtown Montevideo, in Uruguay, the ¨Switzerland¨ of Latin America, Vivace Music has established a new standard of high-quality audio production. Designed to meet the recording requirements of an eclectic client base that encompasses everything from traditional Latin music to rock, jazz, pop and dance (including, The Tango), Vivace Music offers clients acoustical, aesthetic, and technological attributes comparable to top-flight facilities the world over.


The 1000 sq. ft. complex is centered on a 450 sq. ft. live room outfitted with variable acoustics, and shared by two comfortable control rooms, each with it’s own Iso Booth.  Control Room A is equipped with an SSL AWS948 – 48 channel console, Pro Tools HD – 48 channels, Stereo ATC SCM 150A Surround and Genelec 8050 /7070 monitors. Control B features Command 8 Control surface, Pro Tools HD and Surround JBL LSR6325 monitoring. The studio also features, a massive arsenal of outboard gear, preamps and compressors (API, AVALON, Manley, Empirical Labs, Neve, Teletronics, etc), and an abundant collection of vintage mics and musical instruments.


The acoustic qualities and isolation developed by WSDG enable Vivace Music to work at any sound level without concern for extraneous noise entering the studio or leaking out to their neighbors.  WSDG Partner/Latin director Sergio Molho, developed a turn-key design program and a precisely orchestrated construction schedule.  He engaged local artisans for technical and specialty item finishes and, an experienced studio construction crew to insure critical isolation. Rare wood elements such as doors, window trim, flooring and custom furniture were built with recycled wood acquired from ancient wooden casks originally used for the leather tanning industry.  Renato Cipriano Partner/GM, WSDG Brasil and, a Grammy-winning engineer, coordinated final room tuning and certification of the studio’s ATC monitoring systems.


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