Project Description


Two years ago, in the middle of one of the worst economic environments in recent history, Louis Benedetti began searching for the ideal location for a new recording studio. His heart was set on New York City, which he knew would provide a vibrant backdrop that would be ideal for his business. With the help of real estate agents, Benedetti found what he considered to be the perfect location — an old bank building on the corner of Thompson and Broome Streets in the heart of SoHo. And while many would be dissuaded against investing in a studio amidst such a stifling economy, Benedetti saw things differently.

Design and acoustics

The design included a live room and two adjacent control rooms: one with an SSL 4000G series console with automation and total recall, the other with a Neve 8108 console. It also consisted of a production room, a Pro Tools suite. Special care was taken by WSDG and Benedetti to ensure that there was sufficient isolation not only from the noisy bustle of New York City but within the facility between rooms as well. From a technology and equipment perspective, Thompson Studios has a huge advantage since Benedetti studied electronics and has provided technical services to many studios over the years. He is a specialist in analog gear and has refurbished SSL and Neve consoles in many studios over the past several years and through his affiliation with This experience gave him unique perspective on the needs of today’s clients.

Equipment and technology

Over the years, Benedetti has amassed a very impressive collection of microphones and mic pres as well as a considerable collection of keyboards, synthesizers and other gear. In fact, production assistance is one Thompson Studios’ key offerings. This gear includes vintage Roland TR 808 and 909 drum machines, as well as stalwart production tools such as the Akai MPC series. The studio’s gear collection includes heavyweight preamplifiers from API, Chandler and Neve — including several original 1073 modules — and compressors and EQs from the likes of UREI, Pultech and Universal Audio. In the microphone department, Thompson Studios offers a vintage Neumann U47, a Telefunken 251 and a host of other mics depending on what is required for the job. As expected, Thompson Studios also has an impressive selection of monitors, including Boxer T5s coupled by Two Genelec 1094 Sub-Woofers, Yamaha NS-10′s, Barefoot MM27’s and Auratone Speakers.

Photo Credits

Cheryl Fleming Photography, NYC


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