Project Description


T-One Studios is the brainchild of leading Chinese recording engineers Qiwu Tan and Yi He.  Located in Hohhot, the capital of China’s Inner Mongolia Province, the world-class recording complex was inspired by their admiration for WSDG-designed studios around the world.  Driven to develop a facility of comparable technical and acoustic quality in Hohhot, they selected a modern residential building and retained the services of WSDG’s global architectural and acoustic design teams to create a realistic program for the cool, modern, impeccably-tuned recording studio they envisioned.


Tan and Yi selected a 2150 sq. ft. duplex space with all the prerequisites for an ideal recording studio.  They envisioned a ‘sunken’  237 sq. ft. Control Room on the ground floor linked to an 1120 sq. ft. basement-level Live, Iso and Rehearsal Room complex.  All three elements of the basement compound would be linked to the C.R. for recording and mixing.  Each of the studios’ C.R./Live components would also be built with full room-within-room construction to insure absolute sound isolation.


The T-One Studio complex represents a groundbreaking example of WSDG’s ‘Virtual Design Program’.  Robust project management and