Project Description


Solo Wang is a Taiwanese composer/producer/engineer and founder of Solo Music
Production, a music production company that creates film, television, and video game scores
for clients around the world. Solo Music is Wang’s private recording studio and is located in
a residential space.


The WSDG design team was tasked with creating an inspiring eStudio suitable for both
recording and mixing within the same room and beneficial to Wang’s hybrid workflow which
includes both live tracking and ‘in the box’ recording. In addition to this, it had to be suitable
for 5.1. surround sound.


The WSDG design team added an acoustic ‘cloud’ to the ceiling with multiple Helmholtz
resonators for low frequency absorption. The clouds and wall treatments feature hardwood
trim to match the welcoming look of the room. The completed studio features a ‘live’ end
for tracking acoustic instrumentation, and a ‘dead’ end suitable for mixing and post-