Project Description


Mix with the Masters, founded by Grammy-nominated producer/engineer Maxime Le Guil and Victor Lévy-Lasne, are global leaders in music production education, curating an ongoing series of in-person and online seminars with award-winning producers and engineers on the art of record making for a global audience of aspiring hit-makers.  When the Mix with the Masters team decided to build a new flagship location in the heart of Paris to meet all of their remote and in-person production needs, they retained the services of WSDG to design the ultimate teaching studio that would make their students and artist partners feel equally at home.


Rue Boyer is located in a two-story building in a residential area within the inner ring of Paris.  The recording studio is located on the bottom floor and the top floors consist of a series of production suites and office space used by the Mix with the Masters staff for day to day needs.  The WSDG design team was tasked with ensuring acoustic excellence across the complex, as well as ensuring technological and ergonomic flexibility between rooms to allow for multiple configurations of the space for both educational and recording needs.


The studio consists of two main rooms, the 48m2 / 517 SF Studio A which serves as the primary teaching area but can also be converted into a live room, and the 19.5m2 / 204 SF Studio B.  Studio A is designed to seat up to 20 students, and its 48-channel E-series SSL 4000 console is located on an elevator platform which allows it to disappear into the floor and easily convert the room into a live room where needed, with Studio B serving as the control room.  Studio A is equipped with acoustic dampening curtains in order to provide maximum flexibility for its various uses and is also set up for Dolby ATMOS and video projection.

The studio also features a 15m2 Drum Room, side room, a pair of ISO Booths and a lounge.  All the rooms have flexible connectivity to allow for multiple useful configurations.  The lounge area of the studio was formerly a garden, and as such now features a glass ceiling and windows in order to preserve the aesthetics and feel of a calm, outdoor space.


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