Project Description


An inspirational view of the Pacific coastline melds with flawless acoustics to establish the ultimate creative environment for musician/businessman, Chris Huber’s personal studio. Music has always been an integral part of Huber’s lifestyle, and when he bought a family home in Carlsbad, CA, he knew exactly where the studio would live. A primary aesthetic concern was to retain the panoramic ocean view through the expansive ground floor windows. Huber discovered WSDG while researching studio designers. Diante Do Trono, a luxurious Brazilian studio with a sweeping view into its live room through an enormous ‘Cinemascope-style’, control room window embodied exactly the look he sought for his own studio.


WSDG worked with local contractors to ensure the flawless translation of drawing to completed studio. The client was committed to high-end finishes, and the local architect had done an excellent job on the aesthetic look with extensive use of wood and glass. Though on paper it looked like an acoustic nightmare sophisticated acoustic modeling ensured flawless room acoustics with the incorporation of high-level absorptive elements including perforated wood wall treatments and ‘acoustic ceiling plaster’ which looks reflective but is actually highly efficient low frequency absorption. The Huber Music Room is a textbook example of an ideally realized acoustic balance.


While its view is an irrefutable “eye catcher,” the Huber Music Room is a serious working studio, constructed with complete room-within-room isolation. WSDG insured the client’s ability to pump the volume up to twelve with a high comfort level within the studio and, no sound leakage to the rest of the house. And, the isolation works both ways: they have experienced zero family related noise intrusion during their recording sessions.


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