Project Description


A private destination studio located by the shores of Lake Ontario in the residence of entrepreneur, musician and Empire Theatre owner Mark Rashotte.


This classic E-Studio project is designed as a compact recording and production room suitable for a variety of musical projects. The WSDG Design Team was tasked with creating a design package including acoustic treatment that would encompass all of Mark’s needs as a musician and engineer while also ensuring that the space would not disrupt the surrounding residence. Acoustical analysis was provided by REDIAcoustics using the NIRO software for acoustic prediction and simulation.


The completed studio is a 17’ x 24’ control room built around a Neve 8424 24-channel analogue console with a brand-new Apogee Symphony MkII 32×32 interface. The studio has a full ATMOS-ready 7.2.4 system for immersive audio production that utilizes ATC SCM25A Pro speakers for L/C/R, ATC SCM12 Pro’s for Surround and Ceiling speakers, and ATC SCM0.1/12SL Subs. The team worked hand-in-hand with Rashotte to supervise the sourcing and installation of the NIRO spec’d acoustic treatments including custom Helmholtz Resonators and stretched fabric buildouts, as well as RPG Modffractals, Expo Panels, and Microperf. Final system calibration and commissioning was performed by the WSDG team in tandem with legendary recording engineer Eddie Kramer.