Project Description


An iconic Brazilian recording and TV star for over 30 years, Daniel has attracted a South American base of millions of ardent fans. His gifts as a beloved performer have won him an enviable collection of Gold and Platinum records, and Grammy Awards. Having relied on professional recording studios throughout his career, Daniel decided to build his own state-of-the-art studio in a spacious and elegant new home he has built near São Paulo. To create this personal studio he engaged the acoustic and design expertise of the Walters-Storyk Design Group.


Daniel began work on his new 30,000 sq. ft. home in 2012, and recently completed the finishing touches on the showplace residence. Initially he asked his residential architect to include a recording studio in the expansive basement. However, even before construction was completed it was clear that a number of issues, from ceiling height to the layout of the live and control rooms, were inconsistent with professional recording studio environments. WSDG was called in to correct the problems.


The spacious 150 sq. m. (1600+ sq. ft.) is linked to an expansive wine cellar which will also serve as an live recording room. WSDG recommended a number of dramatic changes to the original architects’ program. These included lowering the basement floor 2 ft. to create more ceiling height and incorporating variable acoustic panels to establish a more flexible recording environment. These and other acoustic measures including a handsome ceiling cloud, dramatically improved the overall proportions achieved a desirable acoustical signature for the live room. Considering the amount of land surrounding Daniel’s home WSDG’s preliminary analysis, revealed it was unnecessary to engage room-within-room construction to insure full sound isolation. Daniel will now enjoy the ultimate luxury of recording his music in the comfort and convenience of an impeccably designed professional home studio.


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