Project Description

Jorge Gato Rodriguez – prestigious drummer and musician, who played with many famous Argentinian musicians, toured the country and the world playing foklore, ballad, rock and tango, and has been a witness of the growth in musical production in the country.

At the age of 11, he was named the youngest drummer in America in the “Show de las Estrellas”, a radio show which had its own orchestra and transmitted live, inviting famous singers. Gato played with Estela Raval and the 5 Latinos, Miguel Cantilo, Gian Franco Pagliaro, Carlos Mellino, Esteban Mellino, Hugo Varela, Facundo Cabral and Guillermo Guido. He also played in bands such as “Los Náufragos”, “Noi”, and the rock band “Manas”, where he was a lead composer. He also played live in Gerardo Sofovich’s TV show with a group he named Cielo, along with nine other musicians.

He recorded an LP with the band “Relax”, also as a composer, which was edited by the record label “Vedette” and presented in the TV show “Flecha Juventud” by Juan Alberto Badia, with whom he developed a strong relation, and continued playing at his shows.

In 1992, Gato opened EL CIELO, a recording studio and rehearsal room, with the help of his friend Carlos Gilardenghi. That’s how he went into the production and post production industry, recording other groups and musicians. His son Facundo grew up and today he shares his taste in music and helps him run the studio. The recording technology and client requirements have also evolved with time, and Facundo is the lead in technically improving the studio.

WSDG was invited to completely refurbish the studio, although – for reasons of budget and general use of the studio – certain parts of the property were not refurbished. Gato knew quite clearly which aspects of acoustic isolation, interior room acoustics and technical layout needed specific tuning.

The WSDG team planned an extreme makeover of the studio, with a cutting edge look, and to reach this goal it was necessary to demolish the existing studio to turn it into a 21st century studio!

Acoustic Isolation

The type and girth of the studio walls were modified, adding isolation and changing the doors of the studio room.

Acoustics and Interior Design

All of the original acoustic elements were removed, since they did not fit the reverberation and frequency response requirements of a professional studio. New acoustic elements were designed, and integrated to a modern proposal of interior design and lighting, changing the color scheme.

Technology Integration

The control room was redistributed and adapted to a more appropriate geometry. Diffusion and absorption elements were added to guarantee an appropriate stereo image and surround. The technical furniture and monitoring position were also adjusted.


  • Monitoring:
  • Dynaudio BM15A
  • Yamaha NS-10M
  • Interface Digidesign 003
  • Mixer Yamaha 01v
  • Preamplificators Avalon, ART, dbx
  • Lexicon effects
  • Microphones:
  • Shure, Neumann, AKG, Marantz
  • Sony MDR-7506 Headphones
  • ADAT
  • Open tape ¾” Dokorder, Teac
  • Studio Instruments
  • Ludwig Stainless Steel Drums (1980)