Project Description


Casa Ezeiza is located in the golf area of a country club in Ezeiza, in the outskirts of Buenos Aires near the city’s international airport. The goal was to build a home suited to the needs and hobbies of the family members as well as a recording studio/rehearsal room/home theater. With the goal of keeping construction costs down, other less traditional methods were considered. Ultimately the projected building size was reduced while simultaneously increasing its flexibility.


Thanks to the use of steel framing, the construction process was speedy and economical. The house was built one meter above the street level, to create further isolation. Double glass windows were employed to guarantee ideal acoustic and thermal isolation, consistent with sustainable architecture, and positioned for maximum energy efficiency and natural lighting benefits. The interior design focused on creating a comfortable, modern living space. Musical instruments and recording technology are displayed as works of art.


The house features automated control over the lighting, audio and video systems in the living room area. The audio system is also automated throughout the dining room, kitchen, garden and pool area. The house can bet set to a “party” mode, where all the rooms play the same music at once, and there is also a “show” mode. The audio and lighting are linked to pre-programmed scenes which create a special ambiance for every situation. The kitchen and dining area are unified with a ‘loft-like’ design, with large windows allowing golf course views. The bedrooms are graced with acoustical clouds and indirect lighting. Service areas are large and comfortable, and hallways were eliminated to maximize living space.


Home Theater
LCD Sharp 65¨
Marantz SR7005 Receiver
Sony Playstation 3
DVD player Denon
Apple TV
Deco CV HD Digital
JMLabs – Focal speakers
Subwoofer Infinity
Crestron Prodigy Automatization
Apple IPAD control panel and keypads
Niles outdoor speakers
Sling Box- Remote Internet TV

Digidesign 003
Quested Audio Monitors
Mojave MA200 Microphone
Roland MX3000 keyboard
Various electric guitars
TAMA Drums


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