Project Description


Atomica is a production and post-production center with a modern technical infrastructure and a highly professional team that specializes in audio and video services.


When Atomica decided to move its multiple facilities and unify all of them in one place, they choose a beautiful colonial style house in the heart of Santiago, Chile. The first step was recycling and annexing a new structure to house the audio and video studios. Then, the master plan of the new facility was born.


The concept was to use the existing structure for the administrative & managing offices, entryway, reception, and common areas. A new building would be designed in order to place all the technical spaces, making the most of the available land and taking advantage of the last advances regarding the design, acoustic isolation, and ergonomic & connectivity issues.


Inside the new building are three studios for recording and video post-production, each with 5.1 surround sound capabilities. Studio A has a large recording room with an imposing window facing the gardens of the facility. All the video suites, digital composing as well as editing rooms have an interior acoustical treatment that match the audio studios.