Two WSDG’s Studios Amongst the World’s Finest in Studio Design


Photo: Francisco Aguilera de Alba

Estudio 13, Mexico City

Estudio 13 has been operating in its original Mexico City studio and on location in concert halls since 1999, capturing jazz, pop, rock, classical and choral music performances. The Walters-Storyk Design Group, led by co-principal Sergio Molho, designed an expansion of this facility into a new, ground-up seven-story building. Included are a first-floor piano room featuring a handcrafted Bösendorfer Imperial; this space is sized to accommodate a string section or choral ensemble. Control Room A is equipped with a 48-channel SSL AWS948 console and Focal 5.1 monitoring. The Live Room has a 23-foot ceiling and plenty of natural light. Control Room B on the third floor is designed mainly for stereo mixing and mastering, and, with excellent visibility into the live room, its iso booth is well suited for voiceover work. Estudio 13 also offers contemporary and vintage analog gear, a collection of vintage and modern mics, and a wide range of instruments.



Photo: Cheryl Fleming

Boston Symphony Orchestra, Boston

The Walters-Storyk Design Group consulted on the upgrade of the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft control room, which facilitates the orchestra’s frequent recording projects and broadcasts. Acoustics and aesthetics received a total renovation, which included the installation of splayed perforated wood panels, slotted wood panels, wood diffusion planks and low-frequency absorption units. A new custom ceiling cloud was also added, along with a new Bowers and Wilkins 5.2 surround speaker system, four new WSDG-designed producer workstations, and two rolling, up-facing equipment racks.

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