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HONG KONG:  Company Principal/Director of International Relations, Sergio Molho reports that WSDG provided a comprehensive review of the architectural master plan layouts and prepared a detailed analysis of the acoustic package recommendations provided by a local consultant.  Particular attention was addressed to issues of Sound isolation  and (RT60) internal room acoustics.  The client’s primary concern was to assure absolute Sound isolation between the movie theaters and the large event hall located on the upper floor specifically with regard to NC and STC parameters.

House #1, the Metroplex’s largest theater, accommodates an audience of 430.  The five other public theaters (#2-6) seat groups of 151, 138, 136, and 97 guests respectively.  Additionally, three plush VIP Screening Suites (#’s 7,8, 9) have been created to host elite clusters of twenty guests each.  Theaters 1 & 3 and all three of the VIP Suites offer opulent reclining lounge chairs, state of the art lighting, exquisite interior designs and Dolby® Atmos™+ Dolby Surround 7. 1 sound.  The four other theaters are outfitted with Dolby Surround 7.1.   The futuristic lobby and dining areas provide an unsurpassed ambience for elegant gatherings.


“These theaters are among the most sumptuous we have ever seen,” Sergio Molho concludes.  “The developers spared no expense in creating a new standard of luxury and comfort for their guests, no extravagance was overlooked.  Their mission statement was clear, ‘we are here to pamper our audience and to provide the ultimate environment for ideal viewing and listening excellence’.  We made a special point of doing everything possible to help them reach that goal.”