Project Description


WSDG developed a number of templates during the past few years for small home style studio environments, including Paradise Garage, an elegant Westchester facility created for hit producer Robert Clivillés as well as Alicia Key’s Oven Studios in Long Island.  “It was a remarkable coincidence to hear that Yaron was planning to turn his 400 sq. ft. garage into a studio,” Storyk says. “We’d learned some valuable lessons with our Paradise assignment and were looking to apply them again.”


After surveying the real estate available for the studio Storyk sketched out a rough design on the proverbial napkin when he, Malekpour and Fuchs adjourned to dinner.  “I envisioned the finished room, console placement, the addition of vocal booth, machine room, windows, etc. and wanted to get it down as quickly as possible.  Noise leakage was a primary concern. Just as with the Clivillés studio, Fuchs’ home is located in a residential enclave. He needed to be free to work at noise levels in excess of 110dB, without disturbing neighbors or resident wildlife. “This is a floating, room-within-a-room, structure with a poured concrete floor, totally secured from sound leakage.  Every precaution has been taken to maintain the surrounding sylvan quiet,” Storyk says.

With a Digidesign D Control console; Focal Twin 5.1 system; KRK Expose E8’s; Neve 1081s; a fully loaded API 500 Series Rack and a wealth of outboard gear, Fuchs’ new studio represents the ultimate home mixing environment.  PAD developed an equipment package, and WSDG designed an extremely comfortable, attractive and eminently workable physical plant. I genuinely feel at home here, it’s artistically inspiring and financially doable,” Fuchs says. “I’ve got the all the necessary tools and the perfect creative environment.  The beach is a short walk from the house, I can take my kids to school in the morning, walk the dog, walk into my garage and get to work without having to sit in the car for an hour.”