Project Description


The discriminating owners of this ultra luxurious, 50,000 sq. ft., home situated in an exclusive area of Belo Horizonte, Brazil had two primary requirements for their new home theater. (1) The quintessence of advanced audio and video technology, for unparalleled listening and viewing performance. (2) It was to be housed in the most sumptuous and acoustically pristine environment imaginable. The budgetary guideline was equally straightforward, “only the best is acceptable.”


The expansive (950 sq. ft.) home theater features a 16’ high ceiling and 15’ high, wood framed, acoustically treated, telescoping wooden doors. Recessed within the walls when open, in closed position, these impressive portals provide Acoustic Isolation to and from the neighboring rooms. The sides of these doors that face the room are treated with QRD diffusors to further enhance the listening experience. All these treatments are ‘invisible,” to guests, as aesthetics were of paramount concern.


To provide a definitive stereo performance AND the ultimate feature film/video surround sound experience, the client stipulated that two distinct audio systems be installed. The main system is a state-of-the-art stereo configuration comprised of free standing Hansen The King E speakers, Classé amplifiers, a Meridian 808 CD player and a Clearaudio Innovation vinyl player. For the ideal feature film and video surround sound experience, a secondary system consisting of 7.4 B&W CT Series speakers for multichannel audio reproduction, was soffit mounted to the acoustical treatments behind the 160” cinemascope perforated screen. This hybrid configuration inspired a unique Variable Acoustics solution to achieve optimal performance quality for both systems. The custom built 8’ high x 20’wide unit consists of 60 individual, rotating, triangulated 12” wide acoustic panels which provide multiple ‘room-tuning’ options e.g. reflective for higher reverberation time, diffusive for a denser sound field and absorptive for reduced reverberation, ideal for cinema sound.   Ceiling lights were recessed into custom designed, low and high frequency absorption units. The walls framing the giant flat screen mask racks that deploy a prodigious battery of easily accessible digital audio and video technology, (see related equipment list).


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