Project Description


Document Room, which John Storyk designed and Eddie Kramer provided consultation on, is a Neve equipped, single room facility with stunning views of Malibu. It features a single control room and two tracking spaces, which have been designed to be both efficient and comfortable.

At the heart of the studio, there is a vintage, 32 Channel Neve 8068 console that was professionally refurbished by Fred Hill. One of only a few in the world, the console was originally commissioned at Family Sound Recordings in Paris, where AC/DC recorded “For Those About to Rock, We Salute You.” It was later purchased by Herbie Hancock and shipped to San Francisco where he recorded hit songs such as “Rocket” and many others.

The studio is primarily used for tracking, mixing, overdubs, and MIDI and features Pro Tools HD, Avalon 737’s, UREI 76’s, Tube Tech’s, DBX 160’s, Lexicon Pro Reverb and more. For a complete list of gear including microphones please visit our equipment list.

The control room is a generously appointed facility with well-maintained vintage and contemporary outboard equipment.  The studio has an impressive microphone collection including the new Telefunken 251.  Combining the great-sounding Neve console with the Pro Tools HD system gives the facility both the sound and the technology needed to get the tones of your dreams!