Project Description


An extraordinary new venue set on the shores of the Potomac, The Anthem, is a game-changing, multi-tiered concert hall created by impresario, Seth Hurwitz. While his iconic D.C. 9:30 Club featured intimate performances by legendary acts like Iggy Pop, Nirvana, and Dolly Parton, The Anthem is scaled to host up to 6,000 fans on its expansive dance floor and two tiers of balcony-seating. A key component of The Wharf, a $2.5 billion waterfront development, The Anthem will provide an epic setting for extraordinary concert experiences featuring artists ranging from Foo Fighters and The Killers to LCD Soundsystem and Lorde.


To support Hurwitz’s commitment to providing fans with flawless acoustics, WSDG’s U.S. and Swiss Architectural/Acoustical Design & Media Systems Engineering team employed extensive room modeling programs, and a variety of Acoustical measurements and instrumentation tests beginning in 2014 at the project’s earliest design stage. Hurwitz has relied on WSDG acoustic expertise throughout his 35-year career, for both the 9:30 Club and his Frank Gehry-designed, Merriweather Post Pavilion. Experience taught Horowitz that creating an optimal listening environment required designing the acoustics prior to construction. Exhaustive WSDG research was also devoted to insuring Sound isolation to maintain quietude throughout the complex’s residential sector.


The crown jewel of a $60 million multi-use residential high rise/retail shopping /dining complex, The Anthem features a 22,875 sq. ft., open seating (or dancing) main floor, and two tiers of balcony seating. With a 46’ ceiling height, the ground up concert hall required extensive acoustical treatments and a highly flexible electroacoustic system to provide fans with the ultimate 21st Century live music experience. To fine tune the meticulously pre-planned hall, WSDG recommended the installation of strategically positioned Helmholtz absorbers, and a selection of medium density rear wall b