Project Description


The Tehran Music Sound Stage is a 5000 sq. ft. (465 sq. m.) multi-purpose music production/ recording/rehearsal/practice and performance complex. Set two floors below ground to improve isolation from street noise, the complex features a custom built, 481sq. ft. (44,686 m²) floating control room, a spacious 112 sq. ft. (10 sq. m.) sound lock, a 641 sq. ft. (60 sq. m.) Live Room with a 12’ (3m) high ceiling, a comfortable 316 sq. ft. (290 sq. m.) lounge, a 370 sq. ft. (35 sq. m.) practice room, and a 1347 sq. ft., (125 sq. m.) 50 seat Auditorium. The complex represents a distinctive and significant asset to the city’s cultural community.


Created to accommodate a wide range of educational and artistic projects, the Tehran Music Sound Stage is situated directly adjacent to the Tehran Museum of Musical Instruments, which exhibits an extensive permanent collection of rare and beautiful Iranian musical instruments. These include shallow, wide-diameter drums used to produce distinctive percussion beats and are artistically thrown high up into the air during performances. The recording studio’s primary purpose is to record music played on the ancient instruments in the museum’s collection in order to preserve their sound for future generations; however, modern contemporary folk / pop / rock productions can be hosted as well. The site also offers an open-air performance area in the garden and serves as a memorial “hall of fame” with a decorative life-size mural showing beloved Iranian musicians. A beautiful café serving delicious teas and coffees complements the inspiring and relaxing setting.


Handsomely designed in a classically based contemporary style, the Tehran Music Sound Stage was constructed and equipped by local company Padyav Design who worked closely with the WSDG team to insure impeccable acoustics throughout each of its production, rehearsal and performance components. Masood Roostaei, director of Padyav Design reports: “This site offers one of the finest and creatively inspiring production environments in our part of the world. We are delighted with the acoustical quality level and design style that WSDG brought to the table.” Users appreciate the precisely tuned variable acoustic wall panels, and fully integrated active Neumann 5.1 surround loudspeaker system. All the rooms are fully isolated and decoupled by locally fabricated, hand-built springs. As the centerpiece of the Control Room, a Studer Vista console and companion Avid ProTools Digital Audio Workstation provides studio engineers with a wide range of recording and mixing options, and is future-proofed for long service.