Project Description


Situated at the southern tip of Southeast Asia, Malaysia elicits exotic images of verdant rain forests and vast mountain ranges. In sharp contrast to this primordial impression, Kuala Lumpur, its coastal capital is rapidly achieving an international reputation as the technologically dominant metropolis of this rapidly evolving region. Targeted at the Far East’s burgeoning pro audio industry, the $12 million, 25,000 sq. ft./ten-suite Synchrosound recording studio complex was designed to provide music and audio production/post-production services for video, film and pop music recording for a projected client base from Japan, Europe and the United States.


Synchrosound’s unique ‘Multi-User Design” stresses a diverse configuration.   Suites may be engaged for both recording and mixing.  With collaboration a critical factor in the creative process, visibility plays a key role in the overall layout.   Strategically placed interior windows provide artists, producers and engineers with full line-of-site communication in each combined suite.  Non-video-related suites and lounges are also graced with multi-windowed walls, offering natural light and dramatic views of Kuala Lumpur’s residential and business skyline.


The technological “spinal column” for the complex is a Central Machine Room, which interfaces the wiring between seven of the ten Control Rooms and audio suites.  Each suite is augmented by a separate custom-designed client lounge. For audio post, the AMS Logic 2/THX, Logic 3 and Audiofile/Yamaha Pro 02 are networked directly with the OLE Lightworks video editing suite.   The complex boasts four principal Surround Sound Control Rooms, all fully isolated.  The 1800 sq. ft. SSL 9000J Studio features a 20 ft. high live room ceiling.  It is capable of hosting an orchestra of 55 musicians, and is linked visually and electronically to the 1600 sq. ft. Capricorn Suite.  The 1900 sq. ft. Legend Studio and SSL 4000 Suite are complimented by a THX-qualified, 35mm Film Mixing Suite, a state-of-the-art AMS Logic 3 Suite and an Audiofile MIDI Pre-Production Suite.  To meet the HVAC demands of Synchrosound’s tropical environment, WSDG developed a design which featured 23 split-air handling units, each outfitted with acoustically-baffled ducting systems and individual climate controls.